Week 44

This Wednesday in the Danish Press offers you a perfect news mixture of both local and global: cyber attacks that “pulled” the plug for Europe and North America, Denmark in focus of the World Economic Forum report, a highly anticipated new Danish TV series “1864”.

by Varvara Morozova & Marie Linde Mayer

Europe and North America: a Flashback to Hackers’ Attacks

Europe and North America are analyzing the outcome of the extensive cyber attacks they became the target of earlier this year. The attacks started with a series of infected emails sent to a number of employees in both European and American companies claiming to be recipients’ partners or colleagues. Later on it spread on several websites in the energy sector infecting industrial software with viruses with the purpose of gaining confidential information on product equipment control. In some cases hackers have even been able to turn out the power supply.

According to Berlinske, apart from the countries most affected by these cyber attacks — such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Norway — two Danish energy companies also were among hackers’ main targets. Although the attacks were organized and seemed to have some logistics behind them, no one has yet claimed the responsibility for the incidents. Some, however, were linking them to a hacker group with a codename “Dragonfly” which is known for its using email systems and compromised software packages as the main hacking methods.

Knowing how vulnerable and insecure company’s data and software could be when it comes to a group of professional hackers at play, companies are now deeply engaged in monitoring activity for signs of possible future dangers they might face, tightening security systems and deploying new tools to protect servers data.

Word Economic Forum Latest Report: Denmark in Focus

Photo: www.thisismetropolis.com

Photo: www.thisismetropolis.com

The gender gap is getting narrower in Denmark. According to World Economic Forum (WEF) Denmark has increased its sense of gender equality since last year. Denmark is now fifth in the world moving up from the last years ranking as number eight on the list, only passed by its Nordic neighbors Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The rankings are being measured after guidelines of health, women in political power, education levels and percentage of women in work and whether they get equal pay.

Denmark has ranked on top in regards of education but is lacking when it comes to public health getting only the 65th place. WEF is seeing a positive trend in gender equality worldwide and reasons this with more women entering political careers but also that more women are joining the workforce, ensuring their own finances. The WEF rapport also predicts a full equality internationally in 81 years.

“1864”: New Danish TV series

The first 3 episodes of anticipated TV show “1864” have been aired. Unfortunately, the show has been a disappointment for many viewers, as people are turning to other entertainment. The show’s pilot episode started out great with 1,700,000 viewers followed by nearly the same number for the second episode. Now, after airing of the third episode it is confirmed that the viewers are leaving 1864.

The TV show has received criticism for its brutal scenes where bestiality, rape and mutilated pigs among others, are depicted. The nature of the scenes has lead to DR warning people before the introduction of the show of the graphic content. Even though the mature content of some scenes can be off putting to many, reviewers have described 1864 as boring and with a lack of strong narrators. This can possibly explain the decline in viewership for DR’s big drama.