A quick look at some of the artists performing at SPOT Festival

by Lucía Camblor and Guki Giunashvili, photos by SPOT Festival

Around 300 bands and 20 different venues – Aarhus is hosting SPOT Festival once again. The music festival officially kicked off on May 9th and will stay in town until Sunday. Jutland Station will cover the event. If you haven’t decided yet which act to attend, here’s a sneak preview of some of our editors’ favorite performers.

Hugo Helmig, the artist with a yellow cover

Everyone, eyes wide shut and ears open… The young and talented musician, Hugo Helmig, 20, a well-known artist in Denmark, and of course in Aarhus, the city where he was born, will be back moving enthusiastic crowds. He will be playing his second single, that was released in December as well as his previous ones that include “Please don’t lie”. All these songs are in his catchy yellow covered album, a color which signifies different meanings such as “deceit”, or “optimism”, among other associations. His first single already counts with more than 18 million plays on Spotify. The place will be the SPOT music festival, and his performances are the 10th and 12th of May.

After a successful tour in Germany, he is ready to be back on track and get the audience to sing and move with a pop twist style, English songs, and his constant smile. Helmig had the first contact with music very young, and since then his passion has just been growing. His father, Thomas Helmig, famous Danish rock singer, introduced him to the feeling of being backstage and making a living out of the beats. However, this rising promise does not want to be the shadow of anyone. He has his style, and he wants to stay true to it. One of his main influences is the American singer-songwriter, John Mayer.

The stage will wait for Helmig with great held anxiety till he comes and shakes the spotlight next Thursday. Until that moment, the public will have to wait, warm up the emotions and follow his updates through his Social Media. In his last picture on Instagram, Helmig encourages his fans to go to the festival “It is free and it is in Aarhus!!! Do we see?” he asks. The answer will be revealed on the 10th.

Cecilie Sadolin’s revolt against narrow boxes

An act not to miss is the one of Cecilie Sadolin. A Berlin based singer, artist, composer, musician and producer, she released her debut album “Pseudo Random” in December, last year and received international recognition. Album is said to be “a tribute to an abstract musical borderland” and “a revolt against our constant focus on image and narrow boxes nowadays”.

Cecilie’s love affairs with the music started at the age of five as a singer. She appeared in TV, musicals and films. She has composed musical scores for short films, collaborated with international artists and was featured on different albums, shows and in theatre.

She is known for her experimental sound. Her music is a combination of various music genres, creative methodology and performance art. Cecilie will be performing on SPOT festival on May 12th together with the striker quartet Who Killed Bambi.

BISSE – a direct line from Heaven and Hell

Thorbjørn Radisch Bredkjær better known as Bisse (meaning: rascal or scallywag) is already a well established Danish songwriter and musician. Bisse was a songwriter of the band Spillemændene, but he started a solo career in 2015 with the debut album, PMS. Which was followed by Umage and Happy Meal. Musician called it the Blood Trilogy. He has released six albums in just two years. All of them were received with positive reviews.

Bisse is famous for unique songwriting skills and groundbreaking performances. His work is “full of brains, bite and brimming over with energy”. As SPOT organizers promise the audience: “One minute he’ll be gasping and moaning in your ear, the next he’ll be screaming in your face, like a shaman with a direct line to both Heaven and Hell.” Bisse will be up on SPOT’s stage on May 11th.

Konvent – Girl power of Danish Metal scene

Alongside well know Danish names, festival warmly welcomes the upcoming artists. One of them is all female Doom death metal band Konvent. An unusual collective of the metal music, first formed as a band in 2015 in Copenhagen. Heidi Withington Brink (bass), Julie Simonsen (drums), Rikke Emilie List (vocal) and Sara Helena Nørregaard (Guitar) made their official first release only last year.

The first demo consisted of 4 songs, all written and performed by the band members. It soon paved the way to the Danish underground scene, and since then their calendar has been fully booked with concerts all over Denmark. These days they are busy writing material for a new release.

Konvent is presented in association with Train, Metal Royale and Mono Goes Metal on the festival. They will perform on May 10th.

For more information about the festival program, you can visit the official website, or download the application on your mobile phones.

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