Aarhus 2017: Your top 5 summer highlights


The weather is getting warmer and real summer is on its way! So, here are our top 5 upcoming events from the Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture programme.

by Jutland Station, feature photo by Giang Pham

Summer transforms Aarhus into a lively outdoor city with sunny weather, short nights and plenty going on. This year the season will be better than ever, as Aarhus celebrates its year as European Capital of Culture with a huge and diverse programme of events. We have picked what are sure to be five of the best events of the coming months.

1. Røde Orm, Moesgaard Museum  |  Ends 1st July
If you haven’t already, be sure to witness one of the year’s finest shows and one of Aarhus 2017’s ‘mega events’, performed on the roof of Aarhus’ magnificent Moesgaard Museum. A true display of Viking splendour, and presented by The Royal Danish Theatre, the play tells the story of red-headed viking Røde Orm and his tales of battles and romance. Although the play is in Danish, this doesn’t take away from the magic of a brilliant performance in an unusual and magical setting. Find out more in our review here.

Montgomery_MG_8862 copy

The red-headed viking goes into battle in ‘Røde Orm’ (photo: David Bering and Morten Fauerby)

2. Riverboat Jazz Festival, Silkeborg  |  21st – 25th June
Be sure not to miss the Riverboat Jazz Festival this week in Silkeborg, just a short journey to west of Aarhus. One of the biggest classical jazz festivals in Northern Europe, it is sure to be a fantastic few days, with music happening in various venues throughout the town. There will be 150 concerts with 80 bands, so if you love jazz or feel like dabbling in the genre, don’t miss the festival. For more information, visit the website here.

3. Climate Planet  |  24th June – 6th August
If you have been down to Aarhus harbour recently you may have noticed the addition of a huge globe to the waterside. This Saturday Climate Planet, dubbed “one of the largest contemporary technological spectacles” will open. Developed in collaboration with NASA, the globe will map environmental challenges as recorded by four satellites, and will show both the past and the future of our climate. You can find out more about this amazing initiative on the website.

2017 Jun 1 - Climate Planet-1

Head down to Aarhus harbour to check out the amazing Climate Planet (photo: Giang Pham)

4. Aarhus Harvest Celebration  |  19th August
If food is your thing, check out Aarhus’ take on the traditional harvest celebration in August. At the biggest dinner party you will ever attend, one table stretches down the streets of the city to accommodate 1,000 people. Different sections of the table will offer different gastronomic experiences, hosted by a variety of farmer partnerships, restaurants and urban food communities. Find out more on the website.

5. Aarhus Festival  |  25th August – 3rd September
Every year at the end of August Aarhus transforms into a lively centre of art, music and culture, with 10 days of events taking place in venues throughout the city. Aarhus Festival has been running on an annual basis since 1965, and this year is sure to be one of the best, in celebration of Aarhus as this year’s European Capital of Culture. To find out more, visit the official website.

To see the full Aarhus 2017 programme, packed with plenty more events, visit the official website here.

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