Aarhus on the map: From wildlife to museums


by Pascale Doris Lo, map by Malika Baiazova and Livio Marc Stöckli

Arriving in a new city can be daunting, especially if you don’t speak the local language or have many contacts. Simple questions you know the answer to in your hometown seem unanswerable, and a lack of new acquaintances can leave you with few sources to use.

This is where Jutland Station’s Aarhus maps come in: here we share with you everything you need to get settled into the city, on three easy-to-use interactive maps. From where to exchange currency and find free furniture and accessible transport links, to where to buy the best fruit and veg, explore exciting museums, visit trendy bars and restaurants or even take a bike-ride at the weekend.

Planning to visit or move to Aarhus? You couldn’t have picked a better place, especially in 2017, when Denmark’s second largest city holds the title of European Capital of Culture. You will find tons of exciting events and activities to entertain you throughout the whole year. The spring and summer months are the perfect time to explore plenty of outdoor activities and cultural events. The autumn and  winter months, on the other hand, are perfect for immersing yourself in Danish and Viking culture at Aarhus’ several great museums. Explore our map to find the best indoors and outdoors activities across the city, and find more information about some of our top picks below.

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Royal getaway at Marselisborg
If you are an outdoor person, Aarhus will never bore you during spring and summer months. Aarhus is a city that has the forests along the coasts: Marselisborg forest and Riis forest are the two of the well-preserved natural areas that are strongly recommended for a visit. The forests consist of a varied vegetation as well as well-organized biking and running routes aswell as walking trails. Easy to reach, these two forests are just nearby the city centre and only take a quick bus or bike ride.

The Marselisborg forest features a deer park where it is possible to get up close with wildlife, and even feed the deer some carrots. The park is open every day of the year and visitors can enter between 08:00 and sunset. Weekday visits are recommended since it usually gets fairly crowded on weekends, especially in the summer months. The deer can get tired after too many carrots, and lose interest in interacting with humans. A picturesque beach is located directly next to the deer park, perfect for a quick stroll or a swim.

Artistic summer nights
Since Aarhus was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture, 2017 features even more cultural events than ever. Aarhus Festival is an annual cultural event that runs from late August until early September, one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia first held in 1965. The event includes a wide variety of art forms including dance, theatre, exhibitions, music, sports and children’s entertainment, and will be held in every corner of the city. For those that can’t wait that long, spring already features major music events and festivals such as SPOT Festival, Northside and Aarhus Pride Parade.

Modern art epicentrum ARoS
Aarhus’ weather is always unpredictable during autumn and winter months. Visiting ARoS, one of Denmark’s biggest and most popular art museums in, is sure to satisfy the art geek. There are both permanent and short-term exhibitions, so there is always something new. The most visited section in ARoS is the 360° circular rainbow walkway – the Rainbow Panorama – located on the rooftop of the museum. It is open late, inviting you to enjoy the fantastic glittering view of the city at night.




This is the third in Jutland Station’s ‘Aarhus maps’ series. Tell us your ideas for new maps, or if you know of a great place we have left out of the published ones! You can check out our other maps here:

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