Aarhus Pride

By Salome Pkhaladze, photos by Guki Giunashvili

Aarhus was full of rainbow colors on 2nd of June. The second largest city in Denmark celebrated Pride Month for the 7th time with a parade and a festival. Narrow cobblestones were full of several hundreds of people from all over the Jutland area. Not only LGBTQ people but also other members of Aarhus community attended the event regardless their sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity or political beliefs to honor diversity and love.

The event started in the morning near the Aarhus cathedral and continued till late night with a festival at Officerspladsen in front of the AroS Art Museum.

As organizers stated on their webpage, the goal of the Aarhus Pride 2018 was “to contribute to the respect and acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.”

Drag Queen Miss Stella Starlight at Aarhus pride (photo: Guki Giunashvili)

Miss Stella Starlight, the drag queen from Aarhus was wearing a pink costume for the parade, inspired by a bird. Stella said she feels welcomed in Aarhus and hopes LGBTQ community will become larger here:

“LGBTQ community in Aarhus could be bigger but it is still amazing and I feel blessed. I am one of the most fabulous drag queens in Demark. Today I am having a party and embracing the life.”

Tina Krik Jensen arrived from Herning for the Aarhus pride, she has been participating in this event for four years. Tina thinks LGBTQ community is safe and free in Denmark:

“In Denmark we are free. It is very safe to go out in street like this. Today I am celebrating love, freedom and all colors of the rainbow flag. Love is love and no one can change that.”

Carnival dancers were leading the Pride through the city streets (photo: Guki Giunashvili)

Paw Holm arrived with his partner from Vejle to Aarhus to participate in a pride parade for the fourth time: “I am celebrating my sexuality, freedom, and diversity of the world. I think it is wonderful. Be yourself. It is okay to be yourself.”

Stella Gudonsdottir attended the parade with her three-year-old girl. She and her female partner moved to Aarhus from Iceland. Stella used to attend pride events in her home country and didn’t want to break the tradition in her new home.

Many attended the Pride in colorful costumes and accessories (photo: Guki Giunashvili)

“My youngest daughter was sick so my partner and she couldn’t join us today, unfortunately. We always attended pride parades in Iceland, it’s a fascinating event.  Everybody is equal and has the right to be the way they are no matter gender or sexuality.”

Residents of Aarhus welcomed LGBTQ community with smiles and festive vibes. They were watching the parade from their windows or from the streets, many of them even joined and danced and sing with LGBTQ people.

Lena Lindegaard, who has been living in Aarhus for fifty nine years enjoyed the parade: “I think it is nice to have LGBTQ people in Aarhus, they are part of our community. Everyone is equal.”

Slogan “Acceptance is cool!” appeared on rainbow flags and shop windows (photo: Guki Giunashvili)

Mariann, also from Aarhus attended the event with her husband. She said she is proud Aarhus is celebrating the pride month. “I think it is fantastic we can have it in Denmark, LGBTQ people can’t go out like this in many countries. I am proud that Aarhus has LGBTQ community and today I am celebrating it.”

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