‘Aarhus Stories’: Bringing history back to life in spectacular fashion

Last week, Aarhus witnessed the history of the city told through moving animations and live music in a show to remember at the centre of the city.

photos by Giang Pham

Each evening from March 15th-18th, a show of five short tales from Aarhus’ history was epically projected against Aarhus Cathedral in colourful, moving animations as we witnessed one of Aarhus 2017’s keynote events: ‘Aarhus Stories’. Our photographer Giang Pham captured the event in all its glory.

2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-2

Starting with the arrival of the first people to settle in Aarhus during the Viking age, the short tales told the history of the city from its beginnings. The audience witnessed invasion from Norway, the devastation of the plague, the age of industrialisation, and Denmark’s part in The Great War. The show finished with a look into the future, with flying vehicles depicted whizzing through the city.

2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-1

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th, a truly brilliant set of live music written by Nicolai Absalon and performed by DJ Static, also featuring string ensemble WHO KILLED BAMBI, accompanied the animation show to create a truly striking treat for the senses to the delight of a packed Bispetorv (square).

2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-15 2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-14

‘Aarhus Stories’ was an Aarhus 2017 collaboration with Den Gamble By and Filmby Aarhus to kick off Den Gamble By’s new permanent exhibition, ‘The Aarhus Story’ (‘Aarhus Fortæller’ in Danish), which opens on April 12th.

2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-4

‘The Aarhus Story’ will be located underground at the museum, covering 800 square metres and telling a comprehensive narrative of Aarhus’ history from the Viking age to the present. The city’s history will be told through a combination of historical recreations, cinematic effects, and interactive games and activities.

2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-6

‘Aarhus Stories’ brought Aarhus and the wider region together to witness their shared history in an innovative and spectacular show at the centre of the city. A fantastic way to feel the spirit of Jutland in this year of culture, and a small taste of what is sure to be one of Den Gamble By’s best exhibitions yet.

2017 Mar - Aarhus Stories-9

To find out more about Den Gamble By’s upcoming exhibition, ‘The Aarhus Story’, click here (in Danish).

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