Århundredets Festival 2019 – a chance to experience the Interwar years


By Madalina Paxaman, photos by Martin Dam Kristensen

The WW I is over, the innocence of La Belle Epoque is gone and so are the constraints of the traditional lifestyle. Between 1919 and 1939, during the “Interwar period”, the world will go through extreme and daring challenges, experiments and innovations, prosperity but also through economical crashes, revolutionary movements and nationalist actions. It will be a time of great unconventional artistic growth and of propaganda and censorship. Much more than solely the interval between the two world wars, these decades will greatly influence the way of the world.

A hundred years later, people living in Aarhus and Midjutland can get a glimpse of this dramatic period through the events planned by Folkeuniversitetet for Århundredets Festival 2019 (The Festival of the Century). Set to take place between 1st and 10th of March, this will gather scientists, creative enthusiasts and various institutions in order to offer the public a platform to access new knowledge and various cultural formats.

Århundredets Festival– on the mainland, at sea and in the air

For ten days, the coordinators of Århundredets Festival 2019 have arranged more than 100 happenings at the intersection of knowledge, culture and sensorial experiences. Whether it is about literature, history, philosophy, music or film, the participants will get the chance to be exposed to this intense, sometimes underrated period.

Ethnologist Frederikke Heick will discuss women’s fashion in the Interwar period (photo: Martin Dam Kristensen)

Following the expression “til lands, til vands og i luften” (“on the mainland, at sea and in the air”), apart from the events programmed on land and in the sea in the previous years, this time, if the weather permits, the organizers, in partnership with Aarhus Svæveflyveklub (Aarhus Gliding Club) will give the participants the opportunity to take to the skies using an nonmotorized aircraft. “Each year we work with new concepts and we try to reach new audiences by experimenting a little bit. Sometimes it works out very well but sometimes it doesn’t. But that is also part of the reason we do it, we see this as a platform to see how we can communicate research in new ways”, says project leader for the Århundredets Festival og Europanu, Joakim Quorp Matthiesen.

At the International Night arranged in cooperation with Studenterhus Aarhus, Nijas Ørnbak-Fjeldmose hosts a roaring 20s evening (photo: Martin Dam Kristensen)

Internationals can also enjoy the festival as there are a few interesting meetings in English such as International Night: Roaring Twenties Party – a great way to find out more about the prohibition and also party like Jay Gatsby and The Philosophy Bar – a series of lectures about five representative thinkers of this period: Martin Heidegger, Walter Benjamin, Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Ardendt and Wilhelm Reich. Moreover, even if most of the arrangements are held in Danish, many events – concerts, movies and exhibitions can also be followed by expats and international visitors.

It is the eighth time Folkeuniversitetet organizes Århundredets Festival which has become almost a tradition in the Aarhus region. This is part of the institution’s consistent preoccupation to offer, in an informal manner, access to knowledge to all interested in learning and expanding their horizon.

For more information about the Århundredets Festival 2019 program and venues, please visit: http://www.aarhundredetsfestival.dk/program

For more information about Folkeuniversitetet, please check: https://fuau.dk/om-folkeuniversitetet/

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