Bow Down to the Ladies of SPOT

While SPOT’s official opening events were underway last night, a crowd packed into HeadQuarters for a promising taste of this weekend’s talent. Nelson Can took the night to celebrate the release of their new album, EP2. Local electro darling Lydmor warmed up the audience for Nelson Can’s heavy rock tones.


LydmorLydmor on stage. Photo: Nikolas McKinlay

By Naomi Hiller

The evening was framed with a line-up of DJs courtesy of Sound of Aarhus, who warmed up the audience to move with the live acts, and carried on the evening afterwards. Lydmor and Nelson Can both had attendees enthralled with their musical prowess and variety. Lucky for those that didn’t catch the show, both acts are reappearing for sets this weekend.

Nelson Can – Saturday, May 3 17:00 @ Godsbanen – Den Rå Hal

Nelson Can is not your typical girl band. The trio had a fun and playful air, which offset the tones of their minimalist instrument setup.

Known for playing sans guitar, the members showed total mastery over their instruments. Signe’s bass lines formed melodies on top of the deep pounding rhythms. Near the end of the show, she even fell to the floor to shred in pure rock style.

The whistling heard on many of their recordings came to life on stage with a retro feel. Singer Selina, in particular, had great stage presence. She would often sing into the audiences’ outstretched cellphones. How’s that for a memorable video?

Nelson Can’s raw, full-bodied harmonies are not ones to miss out on seeing live. Selina’s voice is full-on rock maven hypnosis. The audience was well under Nelson Can’s spell, and the ladies will surely have a similar effect tomorrow night.

If you like fun, sassy lyrics, moody tones, and rhythms that will make you dance, Nelson Can is one for your Saturday lineup.

Lydmor – Friday, May 2 22:30 @ VoxHall

Taking the stage earlier on with her various gadgets, Lydmor was equally captivating. Barefoot in a silky kimono-style dress, she bopped around the stage with a shy but focused theatricality.

Lydmor’s energy and tones were reminiscent of Canadian artist Grimes, but the young Dane showed an even greater range and vocal prowess. She wrestled her mic stand over to a keyboard to play a stripped version of “Lamppost Light”. Lydmor’s vocals were pitch-perfect for the entire set, and here she underlined her talent.

The electro style of most of Lydmor’s set was hip and current, yet distinctly original. Some of her loops felt like fun 90s RnB throwbacks. Others were dreamier and more space age. Overall, Lydmor’s musical crafts complimented her vocal skills without overpowering them.

Tonight, Lydmor is taking VoxHall’s stage, joined by Bon Homme (Tomas Høffding of WhoMadeWho). According to SPOT Festival: “the two concerts will flow together into one performance. For the concert the audience can look forward to a somewhat different interactive experience.”

The pair have produced some good collaborations in the past. We’ll see how Lydmor’s seductive stage presence meshes with Bon Homme’s ce soir. Prepare for a  magical experience.