Buckle up for a new brunch concept @ Rodfast

by Mette Ravnsgaard, photos by Simon Juul

Challenging the ordinary breakfast and lunch, Rodfast has opened in Aarhus at the beginning of November to welcome you in a relaxed atmosphere, with reasonable prices. They have chosen to focus on creating a new kind of breakfast-venue in the city, where you will be able to enjoy a solid breakfast that is not your regular “brunch” with scrambled eggs and bacon on the side.

Take a peak and come inside!
As you step inside the restaurant, you immediately feel the laid-back aura. We were greeted by Thor Thim, who started Rodfast with his friend and business-partner Tobias Kjærside. He welcomed us into their new facilities and presented us with the menu.

With approximately 10-15 seats, the well-picked interior design is inviting to your senses. The wine-flasks on the shelves have been hand-decorated and the menu stands hand-written in a big mirror, giving an air of casualness. The lighting was very soothing, giving that dim cosyness. We were suddenly ready to slow down and enjoy our food from the minute we walked in.


Mr Thim, ready to serve you the best breakfast! (photo: Simon Juul)

There are no boundaries in Rodfast
At Rodfast they focus only on the breakfast and lunch segment. There are a few but precisely selected dishes and a variation of beverages in the form of coffee, juice and sparkling water with or without squash.  If you are on the look for a light breakfast you can order the yogurt with granola (25dkk) and a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and if you feel like something more rich top it off with a croissant (20dkk).

They also serve their trademark delicious toasts (40-50dkk) for breakfast and lunch, where you can choose the amount of garnish you want in it depending on how hungry you are!

Even though the dishes are not fussy, they are extremely satisfying and down to earth. The aim is to create a place where guests feel like there are no boundaries to what they can have. Because who said you can’t have breakfast at 14:00?  At Rodfast, you will be served whatever you want from the menu, no matter the time of the day. And you can choose to take it with you or dine-in. So for all the breakfast lovers in Aarhus, Rodfast is definitely your kind of a place.

Freshly made before your eyes
The day of our visit, we first opted for two cups of coffee in order to warm us up after the chilly weather outside. And to go with the coffee, we decided to try two of the toasts: “the mushroom” and “the egg”. We could observe our meal being made with love and that gave us a sense of having fresh homemade food.

The toast has cheese aplenty, and you get to choose from three different types of cheese. This is the base of the toast- totally ideal for cheese lovers. Served in a paper tray with a clever design that lets you flip down one of the sides to eat comfortably without hassle. Both of our toasts were open faced, so we could enjoy the arrangement of the toppings on one slice of bread, while the  other bread slice was placed on the side where we could appreciate the lovely molten cheese we were about to indulge in. We started out with “the mushroom” and enjoyed every bit of it. Each ingredient had its own place in the simple dish and made all the flavours compliment well.

The second toast was “the egg”:  poached egg, ham, cheese and a wonderfully light hollandaise sauce. I must admit it was a pleasant surprise and became my personal favourite. Creamy from the egg and the sauce, and salty from the ham, the interaction between the chosen ingredients was spot on. Together with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice it was a perfect combination.

The delicious toasts, either for breakfast or lunch (photo by Simon Juul)

Delicious toasts, either for breakfast or lunch (photo: Simon Juul)

Making your own brew
What is more, at Rodfast you can challenge your inner barista and brew your coffee all by yourself, or leave it to the skilled ones if like me, you too are perplexed by the sophisticated machine! This concept is just to prove how easy it is to make good coffee and creates the ambience of the restaurant even more relaxed for the guests. You get to play around with your skills and truly feel at home.

Rodfast is soon planning to host a coffee making workshop in collaboration with their local coffee-distributor. All those who always wanted to learn how to brew your own coffee or even those who want to hone your skills as a barista are welcome to join.

Try their local elderflower wine, it's a must. (photo by Simon Juul)

Try their local elderflower wine; it’s a must (photo: Simon Juul)

Challenging the ordinary
Rodfast is not your typical venue. For starters, as part of their concept, they wish to challenge the opening hours by starting early on weekdays. So you can have a merry breakfast before work. Closing times is early too at 15:00, and dinner is not part of their menu. Trying to challenge the mentality of Aarhusians with this new proposal, they pep up their menu with local products carefully selected to support local businesses. Thor mentions how buying locally creates a specific awareness of the ingredients that go into making the various dishes. Furthermore, it gives him the opportunity to handpick the best products while also leaving room to expand the menu anytime he finds the opportunity to do so.

If you want to try a new place around Frederiksbjerg, Rodfast is the spot. Enjoy some good breakfast or lunch with ecological ingredients and dishes made with passion. And do be sure to keep an eye out for their new announcements. This place sure does like reinventing and experimenting with their menu!

Rodfast is located in M. P. Bruunsgade 46, Frederiskberg, Aarhus.
Opening times are 07:00-15:00 Monday to Thursday and 09:00-15:00 on the weekends. Follow their Facebook page.

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