101 Christmas Trees

101 Christmas Trees »

Den Gamble By started its long-awaited Christmas season last Sunday

by Isabelle Bonenkamp

The open-air town museum “Den Gamble By” next to the

Join the Dark Side – Risskov

Join the Dark Side – Risskov »

This has nothing to do with Star Wars. Or maybe it does, a little. However, the winter, together with the darkness, is coming

Weekly Guide #47

Weekly Guide #47 »

by Lara Büsing

The Christmas market in Den Gamle By is finally open and the lights downtown have been turned on during Friday’s Christmas

Week 52

Week 52 »

The last week of the year we give you the news about The Danish King of Escapes, fewer cyclist killed in traffic and the white Christmas is canceled.

Lights, Camera, Aarhus!

Lights, Camera, Aarhus! »

12 Nov, 2014

Jutland Station went to the opening of Aarhus Filmfestival, and presents you the top three must-sees of the week.

Zetland: Be a part of journalism

Zetland: Be a part of journalism »

1 Nov, 2014

Suicide, warlords and community song in focus as Zetland Live visited Aarhus. With mix of reporting and theater, the journalistic stage show told emotional stories.

Week 44

Week 44 »

This Wednesday in the Danish Press offers you a perfect news mixture of both local and global: cyber attacks that “pulled” the plug

Week 25

Week 25 »

After some very exciting weeks in Danish politics, Lars Løkke Rasmussen has now chosen to resign as chairman of GGGI. Aarhus Council is

Experiencing discrimination in Aarhus »

14 Nov, 2013

by Henrik Bødker

Recently, in a pub in London, I chatted with one of our international journalism students, a Brazilian, who had moved

Jutland has a new station

Jutland has a new station »

1 Nov, 2013

By Henrik Bødker, editor-in-chief

As other stations, jutlandstation.dk promises exciting encounters between people from very different places.

Stations are, however,