A night with Denmark’s Den Sorte Skole

Are you a huge fan of electronic music? Symbiotic trance which sends you to another place? Then Den Sorte Skole is right up your street. One of the most iconic Danish electronic bands, Bobby Shinkel reviews their performance in Aarhus on the 29th March at Voxhall.

By Bobby Schinkel

By Bobby Schinkel

Words and Photos by Bobby Shinkel


It´s 10 PM and Den Sorte Skole (The Black School) is about to start. Teachers Simon Dokkedal and Martin Højland are standing behind their turntables. Ready to teach the public in Voxhall Aarhus about the art of sampling. These two producers really turned using samples into an art form. Together with immense video projections they´ll provide you with a unique audiovisual experience. Their performance at the Roskilde festival in 2010 really put them on the map.


For those not in the know, yet curious about what musical gems lay on these fair shores; Den Sorte Skole is a Copenhagen DJ collective which has delivered some of arguably the  best electronic music Denmark has to offer. Their unique style of combining stage lighting and electronic music ensures that they stand out from the rest of the crowd.



At the start of the show it feels like you have entered a jungle..

Spectacular lighting sets the scene for the rest of the performance

Spectacular lighting sets the scene for the rest of the performance

At the start of the show it feels like  you have just entered a jungle. Forest sounds are combined with mild beats to set the mood. After we see the sun rising in the background, the tempo accelerates. Totem poles suddenly shoot out of the ground and start spinning. The tones are loud and deep. At this point the combination of visuals and music is sublime. The jungle images make place for computer mainframes and the samples get more electric. During the show, genres from every corner of the earth reach our ears. After about one and a half hour the curtains close and the show is over.




The audience clearly enjoyed the performance, but we did not get the crazy party the big riot fences in front of the stage seemed to be promising. To be honest it was a bit of a pity, which could have easily been achieved with a bit more up tempo beats.

Still, the teachers created lots of smiles and clearly had the public in the palm of their hands, which made it a thoroughly enjoyable performance. the venue it self didn’t disappoint either it’s capacity and sound and lighting facilities did not hinder the performance of these talented artists. Shame about the pricing but hey it’s Denmark after all…To sum it all up, I would rate the whole performance as a 4/5.