Experiencing discrimination in Aarhus

by Henrik Bødker

Recently, in a pub in London, I chatted with one of our international journalism students, a Brazilian, who had moved on to City University. He had enjoyed his time in Aarhus, he said. He wouldn’t like to live there, however. Not as a journalist, as least. There is nothing to write about, he said.

Seen from a Brazilian perspective that is somehow understandable. But maybe he had just been lucky. Had he experienced the blatant discrimination documented in the recent Jutland Station article Left out in the cold: nightclub discrimination in Aarhus by Marcel van Hattem, he might have seen that there is something to write about.

I am sad that foreigners in Aarhus have had the experience described in the article. I am glad, however, that there was somebody with the journalistic experience to write about it. And while the discrimination makes me ashamed of my hometown, I am proud of being associated with a site that hopefully will help push this higher up on the local agenda.

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