Farao- In photos

Moody lighting and a sparse stage set up created the perfect backdrop for Farao’s no nonsense brand of folk/pop.

Hailing from Norway, the subtle melodies wove their way through Voxhall, depicting a chilly night spent by the fire in their native land.

10014443_491907807603671_8760857920825042223_oPhoto by Nicholas McKinlay

10333447_491907780937007_847240553727862181_oPhoto by Nicholas McKinlay

1556371_491907760937009_522388081695680759_oPhoto by Nicholas McKinlay

10269186_491907814270337_8496580921611899649_oThe sound desk at Voxhall- Photo by Nicholas McKinlay

Nicholas McKinlay is an Australian exchange student who has been living here in Aarhus since February, in that time he has developed a love for Danish music and has contributed to Good Because Danish. You can follow him on Tumblr.