Sleeping around in Aarhus? An Airbnb guide to the best neighborhoods

Got friends over for the weekend? Parents? Want to go on a staycation or do you need to be out of your dorm for a bit? Jutland Station listed the best places to go in Jutland’s capital.

From staying in a posh loft above the throngs of bustling downtown crowds to living in a villa just a brief saunter away from both the East Jutland coast and the quiet forest of Riis Skov, home sharing service Airbnb allows visitors to experience all the diverse environments and neighborhoods the “World’s Smallest Large City” has to offer.

In addition to being the 2017 European Culture Capitol and being ranked 13th in the New York Times’ “Places to Go” list, Aarhus has vaulted onto the radars of travelers.

As Aarhus becomes more of a destination, the Airbnb presence in the city grows. Airbnb Rental listings have increased 101 percent from 2014 to 2015, guests have increased 135 percent according to Airbnb. A recent Aarhus Stiftende report stated there were more than 2,000 listings in Aarhus as of January. Airbnb declined to comment.

In a December press release, Airbnb Country Manager for the Nordics & the Netherlands said, “Airbnb is good news for everyone in Denmark. It helps grow and diversify tourism, spreads benefits to new communities and local businesses, and is a nice additional support for thousands of Danish residents, helping them make ends meet and support their families.”

For former local Airbnb host Karolina Fetingytè, extra income was just one of the reasons she decided to share her home. “The best part was meeting people who were coming to Aarhus for the holidays. Once there was this spanish girl here visiting her friends and she wanted to have her own place,” Fetingytè said in an email. “We bonded and she decided to move her studies here to Aarhus University.”

So with a growing number of hosts and listings in Aarhus, where should you stay during your next visit to Aarhus? Jutland Station has compiled some suggestions for you.

Lovely Trøjbjorg has its own vibe

Family Visits
So your family has decided to visit you. However, your less-than-tidy dorm kitchen, bass-bumping neighbors and shared bathrooms might not be the most appealing option for your parents.

We suggest the small, kitschy and quiet neighborhood of Trøjbjorg. Boutiques and a variety of eateries line the main street. Located just east of the University Park, minutes away from an ocean view and about a 15 minute walk away from the heart of Downtown Aarhus, Trøjbjorg is the perfect neighborhood to impress your parents with the “small town” charm of the city. Trøjbjorg’s proximity to Aarhus’s must-see sights also means that you don’t need to bribe your friends with baked goods to borrow their bikes for the weekend.

Since your entire family is visiting, it is probably best to rent an entire apartment to yourselves. Prices range from 350 to 1,200 DKK on the high end. For around 500 DKK per night, you can find a minimalistic danish penthouse like this to fit the whole family.

Visiting Friends
So your friends have decided they want to come and check Aarhus out. Maybe that dorm or apartment might be too small to host all of them for a weekend of debauchery or whatever best friends do together.

Finding an apartment in Frederiksbjerg might just be the right place for all of you. The neighborhood is located just about 10 minutes away from Aarhus Central Station so they will not need to walk and navigate too much after traveling to see you— and it will definitely make that hungover trip back home come Sunday morning much more bearable. Trendy bars like craft beer-focused Mikkeller Bar and cocktail bar St. Paul’s Apothek make up the streets of Fredriksbjerg. The canal downtown is also only just a 15-minute walk away.

If you bribed your friends with baked goods to borrow their bikes, you and your friends could bike uphill and check out the Fredagsbars thrown on the campus of Aarhus University every friday— just a 10-minute bike ride away (though you might want to walk those bikes back down after an afternoon at a Fredagsbar).

Once again, entire apartments, ranging from 350 to 900 DKK, are widely available in this neighborhood— like this three-bedroom dwelling for 604 DKK.

The constantly growing harbor town is also known as Aarhus’ very own Dubai

Something Different
Whether you just want to get away and unwind or spend a hygge weekend with that special someone, Aarhus has a wide variety of suitable locations.

For a unique weekend getaway, perhaps consider the new apartments by the harbor where you can watch the ships roll into the docks and roll away again. Views do not come cheap though, entire apartments range from 450 DKK to 890 DKK. But you get to experience Scandinavian architecture and interior design at its finest if you choose this 892 DKK per night apartment, inside the award-winning Iceberg building.

For something more rustic and if you can splurge, consider looking north of Riis Skov near the coastline. The average price in the area ranges around 1,000 kr. There you can find diverse listings ranging from wood cabins in Egå for 500 kr to villas walking-distance from the sea and forest for 1,600 DKK.

Temporary Stop
So you finally decided you’re moving, but there are also several days in between moving out and when your new rental contract starts. It is possible to be comfortable in transit. For students, perhaps the best neighborhoods are those immediately surrounding the university so they can still go to class or downtown without too much hassle. Rooms in the area range anywhere from 190 to 490 DKK. For 215 DKK, you can get this private room close to both campus and downtown.

Pictures and text by Justin Yang


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