Get the best bagel on the table @ The Bagel Shop, Silkeborg

By Emine Mercan

It’s a typical Tuesday morning and I am stopping by The Bagel Shop in Silkeborg. As I enter the shop, the waft of fresh orange juice hits me. It’s nice and warm inside, and only when people enter the shop can you feel the cold wind for a minute. Seats and tables are crystal clean and the ongoing music gives the place a comfortable atmosphere.

A meal with lots of options to choose from
Here’s how it works: first, pick your bagel. Choose between different types of bread: plain, sesame, with cheddar/jalapeno, tomato, wholemeal or rye. Next step is to choose the cream for the bagel bottom: crème cheese, naturel, pesto, sun-dried tomato, humous, tzatziki or dressing. The third step is to choose your salad, for which you can pick four from the following: mix salad, cucumber, tomato, pepper, red onion, carrot, scallion, maize, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos, olive, cucumber relish and mustard pickles. Finally, you get to pick your topping: vegetarian option, tuna, ham/cheese, chicken/bacon, chicken/pineapple, smoked salmon, egg and shrimps, roast beef, chorizo/cheese or serrano ham.

Delicious food, fresh ingredients and professional pride are the three key elements to a successful food concept at The Bagel Shop. This is what makes The Bagel Shop in Silkeborg special compared to others.


The Bagel Shop has a cosy atmosphere on cold, wintery days (photo: Emine Mercan)

“We have a wide range of options compared to other sandwich and bagel shops. And I say this because here you cannot be a difficult customer when it comes to choice of meal! You can mix your bagel with just what you want, and this is what primarily makes us special. The customer is very much at the centre of our food concept,” explained one of the shop assistants.

Fresh ingredients and warm bagels straight from the oven
As they promise, the ingredients taste heavenly, and the fact that you can mix the bagel just how you want, gives a sense of how the customer’s choice is valued.

My choice was a wholemeal bagel smeared with pesto crème, with smoked salmon and tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber and peas. This combination – trust me – was a splendid idea. However, next time I eat at The Bagel Shop, I will order the cheddar and jalapeno bagel with roast beef, which I heard is a must-try combination.

They have seats inside as well as outside to soak up the sun in the warmer months, but you can also choose to have take-away. For vegetarians, it is still a place for you, since they have plenty of vegetarian options.

Satisfied customer (photo by Emine Mercan)

Satisfied customer (photo: Emine Mercan)

The best in town
I left the place on a full stomach, satisfied with the customer experience – it was both quick and friendly, together with great food preparation. I will definitely return to The Bagel Shop, and maybe even order one extra for later.

As I am about to leave on my journey to Aarhus, I ask an older woman if I may take her picture while she orders. She wonders what am I doing and as I explain she happily says: “Ohh… I understand why you want to review this shop. It is definitely the best bagel shop I have been to.”

Find out more on The Bagel Shop’s website. The Bagel Shop, Tværgade 24, Silkeborg, Denmark

Opening times: 10:00-18:00 on weekdays and 11:00-15:00 on weekends.

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