Hangover Headlines – This happened while you where drunk

Every week we bring you the headlines of the weekend, when you were to busy partying and relaxing to keep up. We are covering, what happened while you where drunk.

By Alessandro Amato
Storm Gorm
This weekend has showed us once more the wrath of nature in the form of hurricane-like winds. All Denmark was in orange-level warning last night, and residents were suggested to stay inside their houses. The wind reached a bewildering speed of 165 km/h, certain public transports services were suspended, and biking was not the safest thing you could do. However, it seems that the storm has not caused serious damages. It seems that scientists at the weather institute (Danish Meteorology Insititute) were feeling creative and named this one Gorm the Storm, always according to the procedure of male-female alternation.
Terrorist threat
On Friday, Danish authorities arrested a man in Aarhus for having posted an Isis video on Facebook with an allegedly terror threat as a caption. The video is believed to belong to ISIS, showing several men being murdered for having spied on the terrorist organization. The 19-year-old, who reportedly posted that infidels in Denmark will face the same fate, is now being held in custody and interrogated by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET). This increases concerns about Denmark being the second country in Europe after Belgium for the number of so-called foreign fighters, estimated at 125.

A poor figure for Danish Politicians

Venstres Landsorganisation - Charlotte Wognsen / Venstres Foreningstræf i Torvehallerne, VejleIn September, the former Defense Minister Carl Holst was forced to step down due to allegations of misuse of public funds. Now he is taking an “extended leave” from his position as member of Parliament, apparently because his professional figure has been deeply compromised by the accusations. At the same time, the Education Minister Esben Lunde Larsen was the epicenter of a political earthquake where he was accused of plagiarism regarding his PhD dissertation and his CV information. More precisely, the Danish public broadcaster DR has proved that part of a book quoted in the thesis was without reference. Earlier in November the same Minister was accused of providing false information about his CV, having studied at the Danish Bible Institute (a religious institute not accredited in Denmark) instead of the University of Copenhagen as listed on the document.