Join the Bright Side – Aarhus Harbor

Photos by Teresa Weikmann, words by Alessandro Amato. 

Even if the Scandinavian winter is overwhelmingly dark, sunsets still occur. Sometimes we forget how breathtaking, inspiring and relaxing they are. But there’s also a certain element of fairness in sunsets, for they are beautiful anywhere, harbors included. Some dubious psychological studies have claimed that sunset gazing may enhance the general well-being, our  generosity and our satisfaction with life. Whether you believe in this or not, you cannot deny that sunsets have the power to induce meaningful thoughts. You may have realized you love someone thanks to them, that one day you’ll change the world, or that you’re just as insignificant as everyone else.

Here are some analog pictures of places around Aarhus’ harbor lit by a timid sunlight, people running and drinking coffee beneath vanilla skies, and weird buildings. Enjoy, and think about how much you owe to sunsets.