VIDEO: Jut Tube Episode 2: A Danish Christmas

‘Jut Tube’ is a new video series about the Central Jutland region, with reporters going out and speaking to Aarhus’ inhabitants about the most important issues.

Written and produced by: Ondra Menzel, Zoë Robertson, Svanlaug Árnodottír, Lotte Kamphuis, Sofia Lotto Persio and Léo Gack

This week: A Danish Christmas

The Jut Tube team get festive this week, going around Aarhus to discover what makes a proper danish Christmas. They attend a julefrokost, listen to carols and hear about the wonderful world of danish pastries. Merry Christmas!


Ondra Menzel is a journalism student and freelancer. She’s worked for RTL WEST, ZDF Duesseldorf/ Paris, VOX, Rheinische Post and the Express.