Jutland has a new station

By Henrik Bødker, editor-in-chief

Welcome to Jutland Station

As other stations, jutlandstation.dk promises exciting encounters between people from very different places.

Stations are, however, also often places that exhibit people who do not quite fit in. This new online magazine therefore sits both comfortably and restlessly at the intersection between the central region of Jutland and the wider, global world. Comfortably, because we feel confident that perspectives from this intersection will make the region a more exciting place. Restlessly, because such perspectives will also expose the ways in which the region fails to deal with globalisation.

Journalistically this means a continuous and critical focus on how the region meets the global and how the global meets the region. It’s a view from the inside out and the outside in.

This site is therefore run by an exciting mix of people with journalistic experiences from around the world — including Denmark. The editorial board and contributors hopefully mirror readers wishing for a more global perspective of what goes on in the region. We may not be able to make everybody fit in but we will stage informing and engaging encounters. So, come down to the station, make comments and perhaps contribute your own piece.

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