New photo exhibition in Aarhus makes time travelling possible

“Aarhus like you have never seen it before,” is the least you can say about the new photo exhibition that opened one week ago at The Concert Hall Aarhus.

By Claudia De Meulemeester

Ripudaman Singh, the artistic mind behind the project, Time Travel Aarhus, exposes an experimental photography in which the capital of Jutland is intertwined with the past and present. The result is a fascinating combination of old and recent pictures of the city that gives the viewer a bizarre and curious impression.

Each photo reflects an old picture from a public database, dating back to the late 19th or early 20th century, blended with a new picture taken between 2013-2014. The two realities are facing each other constantly by an explicit contrast. The ancient pictures symbolize the city’s past by being exclusively in black and white, while the recent pictures full of vivid colors characterize the present. However, in some exhibits the images seem to overflow whereas in others they seem to be pasted together.

”Wheels” – Varna Palæet, 1909-2014. The old photo shot by Hans Andersen Ebbesen, recreated by Ripudaman Singh. Photo: Shulun Huang

”Wheels” – Varna Palæet, 1909-2014. The old photo shot by Hans Andersen Ebbesen, recreated by Ripudaman Singh. Photo: Shulun Huang

Ripudaman Singh moved from India to Aarhus in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Human Genetics in 2000. After the completion of his studies, Singh decided to stay in Aarhus with his wife and three children. He is currently working for a Danish company that develops new methods for risk-free prenatal diagnostics. Meanwhile, Singh always maintained his interest in photography and “Time Travel Aarhus” is the culmination of the last 15 years spent in Denmark.



Noteworthy, the exhibition shows both known attractions in Aarhus as well as random street corners. From the images, we can deduce which places in Aarhus have changed consistently over time and which ones have stayed the same. Moreover, Singh also combines intimate and more distant perspectives and thus avoids excluding the human dimension in his work.

One of the major assets of “Time Travel Aarhus” is its accessibility to a wide range of people. Long-time residents of Aarhus, university students and even foreigners might show interest in discovering these artistic time transitions. The exhibition succeeds in bringing in a nostalgic touch along with an alternative view on the city. Singh’s modern approach helps raising artistic awareness in and about the region while representing a creative expression of the city’s life.

Time Travel Aarhus” can be visited during the opening hours of the Music Hall and will be open for public until March 26th, 2015. The exhibition is free.

Claudia is an aspiring journalist from Belgium and Italy with a background in linguistics and literature. She is currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Master at Aarhus University.