Relaxation with health conciousness at Råbar

Continuing Jutland Station’s Sunday afternoon cafe series, Heidi Kokborg, takes a stroll in town and discovers a Vegan’s paradise. 


By Heidi Kokburg

On a chilly spring weekend my cousin came to visit me. Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to the city, and being a tad bit too optimistic about the weather we had taken our summer jackets on, no gloves, my cousin was certain that she did not need a scarf. Needless to say we were doomed. In a matter of minutes we were freezing to death. My poor excuse for a jacket could not have kept me warm in the middle of the Arabian Desert, and my cousin was destined to catch a cold because she did not wear a scarf. We were desperate for something warm and soothing.


Luckily, Råbar (translates into Raw Bar) was just a stone throw away, so we hurried to the café, hoping it had room for two very cold souls. When we reached the café just minutes later (it felt like hours) my hands were so numb I could barely open the door to the café. Stepping into the café we were met with the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Couples, friends and families were sitting around the tables chatting lightly, while enjoying a late brunch or an early lunch. Despite having eaten breakfast just a few hours before, we almost got hungry just looking at their plates full of delicious vegan, raw food. No need to say it was a Mecca for a vegan like me, or basically just anyone who enjoys food that makes your mouth water and the angels sing. However, we opted for a café latte and chai latte made with almond milk having just eaten breakfast.


If you have not already been to Råbar you have missed out on something. And if you think it is only a café for vegans or health freaks you are utterly wrong. This place is for anyone. The concept of Råbar is simple: they do not heat the food over 42 degrees. By cooking the food this way it contains more enzymes, which are believed to be the key to vitality and the beauty of youth. Oh, and enzymes are highly anti-ageing.


10173394_583361098437887_902151669_nThe floor is made of concrete, and all the chairs are equipped with white lambskin. In front of the counter, braided baskets are filled with fresh and colourful fruit from all over the world. All organic of course. In one corner pumpkins, root beets, parsnips and herbs are stocked. Oh, and if you just happen to fall head over heels over their dehydrated corn bread you can always buy a bag. But just a warning. It will be long gone before you make it home. Then again, who would want to share such yummy bread with anyone at home?  Or perhaps you enjoyed a ginger beer so much you just have to have one for dinner too. Not to worry. Råbar got your back. And maybe, just maybe, you cannot resist the urge to bring a chocolate cookie home for dessert. No judgement from me.


Basically Råbar is the place for anyone who enjoys fresh, healthy and good-for-your-soul food. Someone, who appreciates trying different kind of foods and flavour combination that you never thought possible, and someone who has grown tired of the same old chicken salad and is ready to fall in love with greens once again. Or perhaps fall in love with greens for the first time in your life.

Address: Vester Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus C