Food trucks trending @ Aarhus Street Food

by Caroline Krogholm, photos by Camilla Larsen

On August 19, yet another contribution was made to Aarhus’ food scene. Much like Papirøen, Copenhagen’s street food offering, Aarhus Street Food opened by the city’s Central Bus Station, lacking the view but compensating on the food. Since then, visitors have stopped by the food market to relish in the 18 different food trucks for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just a drink; the options satisfy all pleasures.

A 12 hour food business
The concept is simple: food trucks – an ongoing trend in the culinary arena – with different delicacies from all over the world, are lined up in a big old bus garage, ready for people to satisfy their appetites.

Whether it’s a taste from Thailand with a spicy Thai curry for only 60dkk, a slice of real Italian pizza or some tropical food from Jamaica, you ought only to choose traditional Danish food if you are a tourist, because Aarhus Street Food has got you covered!


Enjoy the warmth of a Caribbean meal (photo: Camilla Larsen)

For your morning coffee, MokkaHouse opens at 07:00, with hot buns and cakes to go. On Fridays and Saturdays, you are set until midnight for beer at the specialty beer truck, Ølfred, and fancy coctkails at DASH, as well as good wines at Vinøs. For water and drinks just stop by the drinks stand, where you can buy several types of non-alcoholic beverages to wash down those spicy tacos or that huge pulled duck burger that goes best with the cheddar cheese and the greased-duck potato fries, or so I heard. Be too hungry or share, because the portion is huge!

Besties by the chefs
It is not just the guests at Aarhus Street Food, who enjoy the great atmosphere in the old garage. The owners/chefs of the food trucks love it too. At Desserten, the cheesecake stand, they feel Aarhus Street Food is “cosy and intimate,” which reminds us of danish Hygge. Here, all the cheesecakes are bestsellers, but the staff’s favourite is the Oreo-cheesecake (44dkk), so you better save place for this cheesy experience.

The cheesecakes looked irresistible!

The cheesecakes looked irresistible! (photo: Camilla Larsen)

Bahn Mi Bandits, the vietnamese food truck offers salads and sandwiches. Interestingly, XÁ – XÍU bbq-pork is not only the best-seller, but the the staff’s favourite. However, the veggie option with avocado is perfect if you rather skip meat.

At The Mexican Donkey, there’s no doubt the crunchy tacos are the owners’ favourite. Still, it’s the burrito that most customers choose. While, at Caribbean and African truck:. Tatashe, they recommend the Jamaican Jerk Chicken, but the guest-favorite’s is the Meat Lover Combo. Ideal for loving couples, maybe?

More avocado on the taco please?

More avocado on the taco please? (photo: Camilla Larsen)

Italian La Rossa is Italian to the bone, with it’s Roman chef, you can’t go wrong. It is not that clear which is the favourite one here, “but definitely one of the filled focaccias,” as they say. The favourite of our Italian pizza baker is the Bresaola-pizza. And you know what they say, always take on what the chef suggests.


Italian mozzarella, Mamma Mia! (photo: Camilla Larsen)

Initiatives within the food
Even though Aarhus Street Food has a lot to offer on the food and drinks front, the focus is not just on the diet. In fact, the market has other initiatives going on. They have had a plant-shop arrange a plant display in the middle of the hall, they host Monday-bingo, weekends choirs and just this Thursday they had a varnishing for their new art gallery by the entrance. What is more, is really child-friendly, so a perfect pit-stop to take the kids out.

It is safe to say that Aarhus Street Food has a plenty to indulge, and that it has the opportunity to become a great success for the years to come. Especially, as we enter 2017 and Aarhus is the European capital of culture, welcoming a lot of guests from all over the globe, hopefully with hungry stomachs!

A relaxed setting, just as your own backyard.

A relaxed setting, just as your own backyard (photo: Camilla Larsen)

Aarhus Street Food is located in Ny Banegårdsgade 46, Aarhus C. The opening hours for lunch and dinner are: Sunday to Thursday 11:30-21:00; Friday and Saturday 11:30-22:00.

Food prices range from 50dkk to 120dkk, while beverages start at 30dkk.

Find out more on the website.

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