Scarlet Pleasure brought the heat to Aarhus @ Train

By Stine Likodelle, photos by Morten Rygaard

Scarlet Pleasure has become a household name in Denmark, and many young boys and girls can easily belt out the words to hits such as ‘Heat’ or ‘Under The Palmtrees.’ The Danish boyband-ish trio released their debut album in May, and had a tight schedule visiting Denmark’s summer festivals.

Band of the young
Now it is autumn, and the boys have kicked off their ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’ tour, visiting many Danish cities. This Saturday they turned up the heat at Train music venue in Aarhus, and I had the delight to be there. The crowd was a mixture of loyal fans and newcomers. As soon as frontman Emil Goll stepped out on the stage, the audience went wild. It is not the first time Scarlet Pleasure is playing at Train, but this event came with new material since previous years. The concert opened up with ‘Moments’, followed by ‘Wanna Know’ and their 80s funky Miami vibe song, ‘The Strip’. This really started the party and got the crowd loose, dancing to their tunes.

Getting wild with Scarlet Pleasure (photo by Morten Rygaard)

Getting wild with Scarlet Pleasure (photo: Morten Rygaard)


Emotions in the air
Scarlet Pleasure is the perfect symbol of the Danish youth, creating their own trademark sound. The party mode of the young crowd floated in the air, but there were slow moments too; Scarlet Pleasure does not only deliver party anthems. The slow-beat song ‘Venus’ had us bewitched, standing still, just feeling the music.

The same was for ‘Youth is Wasted On The Young’, where Goll asked everyone to put on their cellphone lights and move to the beat. The small venue lit up, and Goll’s beautiful voice hit the crowd like a truck with the soft, meaningful words that came out in the song. Scarlet is very good at making every concert unique and personal.

Until next time, boys
Scarlet Pleasure melted the hearts of the audience. They performed the show to perfection, still managing to make it all seem a casual gig. One of the hottest artists at the moment in Denmark, they remain humble about their popularity, and show love for their work and fans.

Emil (vocal), Alexander (bass) and Joachim (drums) are from the outskirts of Copenhagen, and that is where their hearts belong. However, when I asked Emil what they thought about Jutland, he happily said: “We love playing in here. The crowd is always great!”


The crowd going crazy for Emil (photo: Morten Rygaard –


Scarlet Pleasure performed on November 19 at Train in Aarhus. They will undoubtedly be back again very soon, but until then, check out other Danish bands such as Liss Phlake, which will be playing at Train on February 17, 2017.

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