Shades of Jutland – Jelling

With “Shades of Jutland” we introduce you to the rather small and unknown places in Jutland, afar from the big cities. Next stop: Jelling.

Did you send pictures via “Bluetooth” lately? Yes, this is oldschool internet magic, but when your wifi breaks down it can be a savior. Ever wondered where that strange word has its origin? You can follow the paths of modern technology by visiting the barrows in Jelling, where Harald I of Denmark, aka Harald Bluetooth in the tenth century introduced Christianity to Denmark, built the first church and erected rune stones that now belong to World Cultural Heritage. Read the full funny, beer-filled story about the origin of the Bluetooth technology naming here.

Look closely – and you will see how the initials of the King melded together to what’s today known as a symbol of data transfer. Also a stop in Jelling’s Viking museum is worth a visit.

by Teresa Weikmann