Shades of Jutland – Ribe

Here’s another episode of our series about “rather small and unknown places in Jutland, afar from big cities,” also called Shades of Jutland. Second stop: Ribe. 

Photos by Teresa Weikmann and Justin Yang, words by Alessandro Amato.


Driving through Jutland in a rainy day means cold, fog, poor visibility, damp, gloominess and melancholy. I wonder if the word “spleen” originated here. But, on the brink of despair, the beauties of this peninsula will shine like pearls in the ocean depths and guide you to their warm hearts. Situated in South-West Jutland, Ribe is one of those. The oldest surviving city in Denmark, this place was once a thriving trade center and home of one of the first Christian communities peacefully living with the Vikings. A sense of timelessness permeates its peaked roofs and cobblestone streets where it’s imperative to stop and have a warm cup of coffee. When you’re done, let the awe of its unique “Our Lady Mary Cathedral” seize you. Originally built in Romanesque, multiple restorations have made it an interesting combination of architectural styles, a symbol of how different things can harmoniously live together. Ribe is perhaps not on the must-see list of the world, but a must-see is what you make of it.