Sleep Party People to wake up festival

Having gained some worldly experience, Sleep Party People are bringing their unique genre of heart-thumping  dream-pop back to Denmark to capture the attention of SPOT Festival attendees.

Preview by Naomi Hiller

Sleep Party People, a.k.a Brian Batz, has recently finished his third album, and will be bringing his new sounds to SPOT next weekend. Batz and his bunny-masked live band will take to Atlas’ stage on Saturday 3 May for what should be a captivating experience.

Describing themselves as “the soundtrack to your dreams”, the Danish performer’s show isn’t every festival goer’s cup of tea. However, the above video of the group performing prove that this act is one that’s worth seeing live. The online popularity of their live videos is a factor in Sleep Party People’s international fame, making them a hot commodity back home as well.

As a Batz’s personal project, Sleep Party People’s live band fleshes out the music beyond the capacity of his recordings. You can expect a blend of traditional and electronic instrumentation with powerful rhythms and minimal vocals. Inspired by David Lynch’s work, the group’s white rabbit eared masks and black hoodies add a dark edge to their stage persona.

Batz recently returned from San Francisco, where he wrote and recorded Sleep Party People’s third album, Floating. The new album will be released in Scandinavia and Asia on May 30, and elsewhere on June 2nd. SPOT Festival audiences can be prepared to hear some of the new tracks, such as “In Another World”.

Sleep Party People’s show offers a low-key vibe to give you a break from the numerous upbeat dance artists in this year’s line up. Furthermore, the theatricality of the act will bring something special to SPOT that will be worth watching.

Sleep Party People is performing from 21:15-22:05 on Saturday May 3 at Atlas.