SPOTWALK: Explore the fusion of music and fashion

In a festival that is not only about the music, you shouldn’t miss SPOT’s fashion event: SPOTWALK, a joint collaboration between SPOT Festival and Headstart Fashion, where music and fashion blend. 

by Nicole Goszczynski

SPOT Festival 2017 starts on Thursday, and this year the festival presents a fashion session in addition its usual varied music programme. SPOTWALK, initiated by Headstart Fashion (HSF) – an Aarhus-based foundation supporting new Danish brands – is accompanied by live music and will lead you into the design studios of Minimum and sportswear label H2O.

“Balticagade has a high concentration of fashion brands, so it’s a great location for SPOT x HSF WALK. The sportswear label [H2O], for example, has an interesting story, because it’s the revival of an existing brand. Four years ago, they redeveloped the concept and relaunched it. They held some interesting co-labs with other brands and designers. It’s a cool brand,” explains Christian Chapelle, director of HSF.

“Minimum is a more established brand with completely different values and styles, so we thought that would bring some variety, instead of competition,” he adds.

The artists accompanying the event were chosen by the team at SPOT with the goal of reflecting the fashion brands’ DNA. The latter also had a say in the decision process, in case they wanted to include the songs in their marketing soundtracks. The reception at H2O will show SUNDAYS, a folk-pop band that will provide a relaxed atmosphere. Meanwhile, Minimum’s showcase will feature Farveblind, a young duo that produces pop-punkish melodies.

What can you expect from SPOTWALK?
“The reception will be held in the parking lot, where we will have this funny wagon from Vanebrudspalæet. People can have a drink, enjoy the music and visit the brands. The design offices are really cool places, [located] in old factory buildings,” says Chapelle.

HSF is a foundation devoted to helping emerging fashion brands establish themselves in the industry. Their approaches include business development and networking strategies, and events where the brands get the chance to present themselves. On the same day as SPOTWALK, HSF will be carrying out an award show, announcing the winners of both the Salling Fashion Award and the Danske Bank Fashion Award.

(feature photo: Pixabay)

SPOTWALK will take place on Friday 5th May, 15:00-18:00 at Balticagade. Entry is free, so be sure to check it out to find out more about the Aarhus fashion scene.


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