SPOTWALK: Musicalising brands

On the street of fashion, Balticagade, SPOTWALK had quite the attendance. Curious SPOT regulars and other stylish fashionistas stopped by to enjoy good music and browse through collections from Minimum and H2O.

words and photos by Ella Navarro

Running around to see all that SPOT had to offer, I had the time to pass by SPOTWALK, the SPOT fashion event that we previewed earlier this week. A new addition to the festival, the idea was to blend music with brands, to show how they connect and work with one another.

Not really knowing were I was heading to, or what to expect, I went straight to H2O Sportswear: a beautiful office with a broad view of the city. But the room was quite empty, aside from four other people. Was I in the right place? For once, I had arrived early and not late. And that gave me the opportunity to have a quick chat with Christian, one of the owners, who told me about how they got into participating in the fashion session.

The owners of H2O.

The owners of H2O

“We did it because we are part of the Headstart Fashion group, and Christian Chapelle from Headstart is hooked with SPOT Festival. He asked us if we wanted to be a venue for it. And we did. It suits us perfectly to be part of this mix of music and fashion, artists, and that lifestyle,” explains Christian.

The idea of SpotWalk  was to experience the environment, see the collection – which was smartly spread across the showroom – drink a beer or a shot and listen to Magnus from the band SUNDAYS, performing solo with his guitar.


Magnus from SUNDAYS performs at the H20 offices as part of SPOTWALK

“It’s a short gig. It is the first time that SPOT goes down to these venues for the fashion area down here. We think it’s a great idea, and people seem to like it, but let’s wait and see how many turn up,” said Christian, before he filled me in with the brand’s story.

H2O is an old Danish Sportswear brand from 1982, from North Zealand. It kept changing owners, but in 2012 they took over the brand. They had completely to reinvent and reposition the brand in the minds of the people, as it had a bit of an old fashion image; it was out of date. “We have been doing that for five years. Working in fashion instead of sports, trying to reach a younger audience. We do a lot of collaborations with high level fashion,” he says.

They work with a lot of musicians and artists, who require their products for tours, for example. Hooking with people like them is good for changing the image, as they have become influencers of that younger audience they wish to reach. “This mix with music is great, and is one of the reasons for re-positioning ourselves and getting some success again,” he adds.

The crowd arrived all at once, as in an ‘Avalanche’, inspired by one of SUNDAYS songs. The turnout was probably better than expected. They made themselves comfortable and grabbed a drink to listen to the music. The shots from Pure Vodka, a vodka made purely in Aarhus, with that sweetness of mango and the sourness of passion-fruit, gave us the perfect feeling to listen to SUNDAYS’ mellow songs.

“SPOT is a nice urban festival, which sort of makes a small society. It’s great to be part of it,” says Christian. And he is right. For a moment we were all part of a community, gathering to witness excellent music in an unusual and intimate setting. Living this moment was all part of the experience that the fashion brand wants to give to its consumers, and the whole idea behind SPOTWALK.

SpotWalk happened on Friday at SPOT Festival. The other brand taking part in the event was Minimum, where Farveblind played for the crowd.

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