SPOT: Tårn, an icon of Danish indie-rock

SPOT kicked off on Thursday with music throughout the city. We met with Danish indie-rock band Tårn, from Odense, who rocked the Aarhus Volume stage.

words and photos by Ella Navarro

The crowd was anxiously awaiting Tårn yesterday at Aarhus Volume, one of SPOT Festival’s Godsbanen stages. Dressed in their cool retro styles, most of the attendees were young Danes, faithful fans of the group, but some internationals were also in the crowd to get a taste of the Danish music scene.

Before the show, we met backstage with the three main members, Erik Apollo (singer and guitarist), Daniel Scheffmann (lead guitarist, backing vocal) and Hans Henrik Thomsen (drums) to tell us a little more about how they started. The guys are originally from Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, and when they are on stage they are joined by a bass player and keyboard player to complete the ensemble.

They started playing in their hometown, getting to know each other at Thomsen’s apartment corner. Therefore, the name ‘Tårn’, which literally means ‘tower’, refers to the place where everything started. In 2016 they released their debut album: ‘Ud Ad Mit Vindue’ (‘Out of my window’). The trio now lives in Copenhagen. Thomsen has a degree from the conservatory of music and Apollo and Scheffmann are currently studying in Copenhagen.  “We are having a lot of fun studying,” says Apollo.


In March this year they released their second album: ‘Velkommen Indenfor’, which sort of translates as ‘Welcome Home’, they explain. “It’s a really honest album,” says Scheffmann. In less than one year they have produced two albums, both with Danish lyrics, as Tårn is a project mainly focused on singing in their native language. They have other ‘solo projects’ going on, where they want to experiment in singing in English, but that’s another story.

Inspired by great artists like Radiohead, The Doors and the Beatles, Tårn explains that their songs have an individual inspiration process. “Each song has an individual inspiration for us. It could be a Radiohead song, or by the Beatles. We are very intuitive with the music, but we always have some sort of direction,” explains Scheffmann about their creative process.

Cheers, Erik Apollo of Tårn.

Singer and guitarist Erik Apollo

They have mainly toured around Denmark and Norway, but they hope to go to Sweden and other countries to show their music in the future. “If we can get things to grow at a certain level here at home, I think we will have better opportunities,” says Apollo.

The stage was full and the audience was excited, dancing to the beat. Even if you don’t know Danish, you are certain to dig their indie music as much as I did, so be sure to check them out tonight at 22:00, when they will be performing at Headquarters.

Tårn played at Aarhus Volume stage on Thursday after folk-pop band The Attic Sleepers. Read more about this band here:The Attic Sleepers, independent folk-pop at Aarhus Volume.

Also watch them at the canal, while they performed in a GoBoat in this video.

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