SPOT: The Attic Sleepers, independent folk-pop at Aarhus Volume

Folk duo The Attic Sleepers played at SPOT Festival for the second time this year, with hopes of expanding their network within the wider music industry.

words and photos by Louise Soares

Danish folk duo The Attic Sleepers brought their blend of ‘Folk-Pop, Post-Rock and atmospheric vibes’ to SPOT Festival’s Aarhus Volume stage on Thursday. It was the second time singer and guitarist Matias Barfod and drummer Matias Knigge Laursen have performed at SPOT in their six-year music career.

“We had some technical problems in the beginning. Our keyboard wasn’t working well, so it was kind of a tough start. But, otherwise, it was great, we had a lot of people and a good feedback,” says Matias Barfod.

Technical difficulties apart, the pair knows the value of being on the SPOT line-up, both in terms of getting close to the audience but also in stretching their music connections beyond their current network.

“Maybe they don’t know about you or maybe they know just a little, and then they go see your concert at a club. Maybe they will discover you here, maybe they’ll keep you in mind for some other stuff like branding or radio stations,” says Laursen.

“You just get to know a lot of people that otherwise you wouldn’t meet. They know about you and they establish a connection with you if they know who you are and what your personality is. It also gives you another view of the music business. Because, otherwise, it may seem a bit scary,” Barfod elaborates.

The Danish Folk duo chose to work as independent artists to keep a beeter control on their songs (Photo Credit: Louise Soares)

The Danish folk duo chose to work as independent artists to keep better control over their songs (photo: Louise Soares)

For now, The Attic Sleepers have chosen to remain as independent artists, not signed to a record label. Their decision comes more from a desire to remain in control of their music than from a lack of opportunities in the market.

“We already had a kind of platform for our music, and we wanted to see how to get more control of ourselves and some independent music,” says Barfod.

Working by themselves is sure no easy feat. They often find themselves juggling many tasks at once. “The more you take up stuff rather than just music, the less you play music. We want to maybe hire some people that can do this for us. On the promotion side we have a manager that does some things for us too,” says Laursen.

The Attic Sleepers played at Aarhus Volume stage on Thursday with a full crowd, before indie-rock band Tårn took the stage. Read more here: Tårn, an icon of Danish indie-rock. And listen to their tunes in Spotify.

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