Spotted at Spot

Combining practicality with festival style – Aarhus leads the way in comfort and individuality during Spot festival…


By Dilara Kenber

The smell of freshly cut grass still lingered in the air; that comforting awakening that summer is on its way. A cold brisk wind brushed sharply across my face as I cross Frederiks Alle onto the park surrounding the Scandinavian centre, where some events for Spot were taking place. I was suddenly thankful I decided to wear my seasonal woollen jacket. A quick glance around and I wasn’t the only one. Why wasn’t I surprised? If anything, one of the main pillars of Danish style is practicality hence why I could see a sea of leather jackets…

IMG_0849 (2)

Practical minimalism – is the key to Danish fashion and it is immediately apparent the minute you hop off the plane. On closer inspection, it can tend to come off a bit bland with the same skinny black jeans, loose baggy tops in the same monochrome colours, a leather  jacket ornamented with an enormous scarf you can hide an Inuit family in. To top it all off with a pair of Nike trainers which incidentally are to be worn with every ensemble (most likely because of all that cycling).

Individuality above all else at Spot

Individuality above all else at Spot

I was expecting to see similar uniforms for Spot as the initial impression was as such, oh, with an exception for the scarves – after  the winter I seriously considered for a moment whether Scandinavians really had necks.

Walking down the never ending stair case of the Scandinavian centre to the arena with some of the biggest events; the outfits became more unique, with crazy patterns and bright colours. I wouldn’t exactly call Spot stylish as it’s definitely no Coachella (thankfully you have another couple of months to squeeze back into those mini denim shorts). Yet, it doesn’t mean  that Spot lacked in the style department. The Danes may have sussed out one style and stuck to it,but when it comes to festivals, it’s all about bringing personality to your outfit.

Individuality was everywhere, subtly adorning and complementing outfits – almost unintentionally. The trick it seemed was to follow whatever you really wanted but adorning a bright something or taking a simple classic and giving it a bit extra.  For instance leather jackets.  Leather was everywhere. However, instead of those mini leather jackets with that puzzle of zips you need a map to navigate, to make yours individual and ‘Spot worthy’ it either had to be fringed and a few sizes a bit too big…


Or you took your leather jacket and teamed it with a bright dress and some classic doc martins.  Those a bit less flamboyant teamed their leather with bright accessories such as bags or earrings to match the atmosphere of the festival. If it wasn’t a leather jacket, then you must wear something leather – as predicted for summer 2014, nine-tees fashion is back so for any festival this year thrown on something leather.


The gentlemen of Aarhus, also embraced the spirit of the festival with colour. Hawaiian shirt’s that mortified you every time your father, for some reason, insisted upon wearing for nearly every family vacation, has definitely made a come back.

The lads of Aarhus really embraced the new nine-tees trend combining as much colour and patterns into their ensembles as they could (also very practical if you’ve spilled some ketchup or beer on yourself – patterns will hide everything).

For those not so brave souls whom couldn’t really justify the light fabric on a chilly day, all is not lost. Snug woollen knitted jumpers with top buttoned denim shirts underneath teamed with a pair of skinny jeans is a great fall back option.  You must remember though – the more old school the jumper the better.


In general Danish minimalism and the current nine-tees trend predominated the outfit choices of Spot festival goers – but at the end of the day, it wasn’t so much a fashion festival whereby a Parez Hilton type would scorn every single item you adorn.

The atmosphere of the event filtered onto most of the festival goers even if it was a colourful earring here or a detailed bag there…personality was the key ensemble to Spot festival.