The techno scene debuts in Spot Festival

By María José Villanueva, photos by Siân Kavanagh 

SPOT Festival is known for giving new Nordic and international indie musicians the opportunity to showcase their work, and this year a new guest is making its debut there: Aarhus Techno District.

The project was created in 2016 by Dovydas Narbutas (Dovydas Noidea) and Andrius Baliutariclus (DRK ANE), two Latvian musicians based in Aarhus who realised there wasn’t an established techno scene in the city and wanted to something about it. “We created Aarhus Techno District as an event series because there were no techno events. We said ‘let’s do the shows and see if there’s people like us who are interested and if we fail then it’s OK’ so we tried and since then it’s been going on”, says Dovydas.

Andrius (left), Dovydas (center) and Rasmus (right) are behind the initiative that brings Techno music events to their fans in Aarhus (photo: Siân Kavanagh)

This year, they decided to try something new and asked to join SPOT Festival. Aarhus Techno District gathered 19 performers not only from Nordic countries but also from Canada, Italy, and Russia with the aim of bringing another dimension to the Festival. “We think SPOT is cool, but the festival always misses the electronic scene, they had never had it before. There’s indie rock and stuff and I think this year they’re bringing something really new”, shares Dovydas.

Aarhus Techno District line up has found its home at B Huset in Godsbanen with sets on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 May. SPOT guests with wristbands can enter the venue for free, as for techno music fans who aren’t attending SPOT festival, they can buy a ticket on the door.

Where to look for more techno events

Aarhus Techno District usually organises one showcase per month in locations that are announced on their social media sites.

“We do events abound once per month and move around the city but we have two places that we really like, one is Casa V58 at Vestergade 58,  a very old venue, and another one is the club Train, which is bigger”, explains the third organiser that later joined the project, Rasmus Barslund.  


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