The Yes Men visit Aarhus

The world famous activists makes an appearance at Doc Lounge Aarhus and Godsbanen.

The Yes Men are known for their wild spoofs of multinational corporations and for a humorous approach to very serious global problems. They are bringing their new documentary, The Yes Men are revolting, in which they focus their camera on climate change.

On November 8th you can meet the to activists and watch the movie.

The Yes Men Are Revolting 2– For activists, who has worked for their cause for a long time, we see, that they find confirmation in our movie, and they can relate to the challenges we face in the movie. Activists have told, that it brings a feeling of solidarity and fighting spirit to lead the fight and continue. For new recruits the film are hopefully an entry ticket to the world of activism and fun and games. And for the large companies, we hope that after watching the movie, they are scared and ready to leave their posts!, says Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum, The Yes Men, in a press release.

Time: November 8th 4.00-8.00pm
Where: Godsbanen
Entry: 50 kr.