Week 35

After a long summer, In the Danish Press is back with a university student who looked just a little too much like the Danish idea of a terrorist, a violent gang of teenage girls, and 16.000 people going crazy over ceramics.

by Mette Stentoft

Not a terrorist – just a university student with exam nerves
What a worried passenger on the S-train saw a suspicious behavior in a potential terrorist turned out to be a case of exam nerves in your average university student: 21 year old Alisiv Ceran was reading a book on 9-11, the subject of his exam, and wires were visible from the bag where he kept the printer mandatory for the upcoming exam. This sparked the most intensive manhunt in Denmark for as long as anyone can remember with heavily armed police officers and surveillance images of Ceran in all online newspapers.

When the innocent main character of the day found out what was going on, he hid in the university bathroom until police arrived. Later on he seemed to handle the turmoil and the many questions of the press with a forthcoming smile. He said to berlingske.dk: “I think that many people think the worst about people like me. That people who look like me and have a beard like me are terrorists. There are probably many who don’t know anybody at all looking like me. I understand that the woman got a little scared. But it also makes me a little sad.”

After live covering the manhunt for hours on Thursday, all Danish newspapers elegantly avoided the discussion about what part of police and media paranoia had been caused by Alisiv Ceran’s Muslim looking beard and skin colour. Famous Aarhus poet Yahya Hassan criticized this to tv2.dk: “you (the Danish media) aren’t a fuck better than those imams and the right wing Muslims that create a fear in Muslim youngsters. Media are doing exactly the same thing, it’s deeply hypocritical.”

Save the Children Denmark was one of many organizations to use the golden stribes of the Kähler vase to draw attention to their own cause.

Save the Children Denmark was one of many organizations to use the golden stribes of the Kähler vase to draw attention to their own cause.

Vase-craze takes over the Internet
Monday, more than 15.000 Danes tried buying a special edition Kähler vase – all at the same time. The vase was on sale at the web shop belonging to hardware store Imerco, and impatient and disappointed Kähler fans entered into frenzy on Imerco’s Facebook page according to bt.dk.

Quickly though, the frenzy sparked a social media contra offensive from people finding the vase-craze just a tad too crazy. And within the next few days, the whole thing was news-hacked, as businesses and NGO’s used the vase case to draw attention to their products.

Teenage girl gangs still in the spotlight
A month ago, a gang of teenage girls beat up former top politician Naser Khader’s daughter on her 14th Birthday.

The gang members all live in an institution for kids with heavy problems, MultiFunc, in Copenhagen. The fact that the gangs are still raging in spite of the high cost of keeping them in an institution – allegedly more than DKK 10.000 per teenager per day – sparked a debate about the best way to handle, help and/or punish violent teenagers.

More examples followed, including a mom telling about the same MultiFunc girl gang on national television and subsequently receiving threads, according to ekstrabladet.dk

Naser Khader has also received threads via Facebook. These were enough for the 15 year old perpetrator to be remanded in custody, politiken.dk wrote Thursday.