Week 47

As the week goes by, In the Danish Press is ready to give you a fresh news overview.

By Varvara Morozova & Marie Linde Mayer

 Uber to Denmark

Today is the launch day of American taxi-concept Uber in Denmark. The concept lets private drivers conduct taxi services through an app. The cost of travel is split between the driver and the passenger, which makes the trip a lot cheaper than the normal cost of taxis. Although this might seem like good news, the established taxi companies of Denmark are furious with it. They are hoping to ban the app through existing legislations regarding rules of public transportation

Uber is widely popular in other parts of the world. In America, England and France the app is being used frequently and works as a strong competitor to local cab companies. In Denmark the launch have resulted in drama and a charge has been filed against Uber Denmark by the mimistry of traffic. Regardless of this, the app is still up and running. 

Highest Punishment for Sex Offender

A man from Fyn was today given the highest possible sentence in the Danish system for his criminal acts. The sex offender had many charges, amongst them kidnapping of two young girls aged 10 and 11. The sentence will result in the accused being imprisoned for an unknown time. A very rare sentence in Denmark only used for the highly criminal. The sentence have only been given to ca. 100 people in Denmark ever.

The accused have lured the young girls into his car and then kidnapped and assaulted them.

In this court case, one of the most important evidences used against him, has been his own diary which has described how he planned on kidnapping young minors and keeping them as sex-slaves. The detailed plans in the diary have made the court consider him too dangerous to the society, hence the strict sentence.

Over Ten Times More EU-Students Receive SU in just Two Years

In 2013 the eu-commision decided that EU-citizens resident in Denmark and working more than approximately 11 hours a week are eligible to receive SU. Since then, the number of EU-citizens have boomed from 442 to 4.141. In comparison 393.400 were receiving SU in Denmark in 2013.

Concerns have been issued about the budget for this type of students. Because of the booming number to receive SU in comparison to when the legislation was passed, the budget seems short to entertain this amount of students. Over half of the budget for extra SU have already been spend.