Week 49

Too Much ‘Hygge’ for Danes, Immigrants’ Kids and Low Grades, and ‘The World’s Most Hated Man’ On His Way to Denmark.

As the week goes by, In the Danish Press is ready to give you a fresh news overview.

By Varvara Morozova & Marie Linde Mayer

Too Much “Hygge”

Scientists are raising alarms about the amount of candles Danes light up in their own homes. 6 out of 10 Danes light up candles every day or several times a week. This brings up concerns regarding the domestic climate and the health of candle-loving citizens.

The survey about Danish use of candles has been conducted by the independent institute, YouGov. The amount of unhealthy particles released by candles is being compared to the air around a busy road. These particles attach themselves to walls and windows, but also make their way into our lungs.

To limit the exposure and improve the indoor climate, a good airing is recommended. Limiting the use of candles is also essential, but opening windows after the use of candles makes the indoor climate much better. It is also recommended not to sit too close to the candles as the closer one gets, the more damaging particles go into our lungs.

Immigrants’ Kids Receive Lowest Grades at Elementary School

According to “Danmarks Statistik”, immigrants’ children from non-Western countries are getting the lowest grades at elementary schools. An average score of for Danish boys and girls is said to be 6.4 and 7.0 respectively, while children who come from non-Western countries have only 4.5 for boys and 4.9 for girls.

The difference in grades provoked a discussion saying that there is a need for educational reform in public schools. However, it was not the cultural differences that were named as the reason for this, but the simple difficulties children often have at school. Thus, a possible reform has much more to do with teaching methods and approaches.

The ‘World’s Most Hated Man’ On His Way to Denmark

Danish officials say that they cannot prevent Julien Blanc – the ‘world’s most hated man’ – from coming to Denmark. This American who has garnered a rather controversial reputation is known all over the world as a traveling lecturer who teaches men how to manipulate women in order to have sex with them. He is now planning to come to Copenhagen in January for another “lecturing” round.

Although his courses are considered to be slanderous in relation to women, Danish officials have no legal ground to prohibit him from entering the country. However, they are planning to encourage people to refuse to attend Blanc’s lectures.

The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and most recently Singapore have banned Blanc from entering their territories, but it was a different case for Denmark, since these countries have differing legislation systems.