Week 52

Week 52: The last week of the year we give you the news about The Danish King of Escapes Brian Bo Larsen, who escaped prison twenty times. We bring you the good news about 2014, which have been the year with the fewest cyclists killed in traffic. In the end some bad news for those who are dreaming of a white Christmas: it’s going to be a grey and rainy Christmas.

The Danish king of escapes
The Danish criminal Brian Bo Larsen also called the King of Escapes, have escaped prison and been arrested again. An arrest, which included, a female prostituted, drugs, a wig, a stolen car and a fallen fence. It may sound like the plot to a Hollywood movie, but it actually it took place in Denmark.

It all began Saturday night December 13. Brian Bo Larsen, also known as the 40 years old jailbird, escaped prison for the twentieth time. He has a long resume of crimes. Only six years old he started stealing. Did his first armed rubbery, when he was 13 year old and got his first prison sentence, when he was 15 years old.

This time he was serving a sentence of seven years for armed robbery. But that Saturday night December 13 he again decided to replace the view of bars with freedom. But Brian Bo Larsen only got the sweet taste of freedom for teen days.

Sunday night December 22 Brian Bo Larsen was again arrested. He was caught at Fyn, where he high on drugs had stolen a car and afterwards picked up a female prostitute. Drug affected he drove trough a fence and hit several trees and in the end he ran away from the car, where he left the prostitute. Soon the police showed up. But the King of Escapes had already escaped. Dog patrols were sent after him, and shortly after they caught Brian Bo Larsen. In the beginning he gave a false identity with a false name and CPR, but soon the brown wig Brian Bo Larsen wore fell down in his forehead, and the police discovered that it was the King of Escapes they had caught. So far Brian Bo Larsen is looking out behind the bars in Odense until the prosecution know, which conditions he must be charged for.

Source: BT.dk

2014 – the year where fewer cyclists were killed in traffic
If you are one of the many who bike to job or school, there is good news concerning your safety. Finally it seems like the fight against road accidents works. The number of right-turn accidents has dropped dramatically this year.

The preliminary analysis of traffic accidents shows that fewer cyclists were killed in traffic than the year before. A statement from the Danish Road Directorate accident statistics shows that the expected number of fatalities in 2014 ends on 170.

This is an improvement from last year, when the figure showed 191. Thus 2014 will be the year with the fewest traffic fatalities since records began in 1930 to record an overall accident statistics.

According to the Road Safety Council, the Danish Road Directorate, the National Police Traffic Section and The Board of Traffic the general decline in the number of fatalities is due to a coordinated effort between the organizations, safer roads, stricter legislation for drunken driving, more control and new security technology. The Road Safety Council believes also, a greater and better use of knowledge about accidents can help figure below 170 fatalities next year.

Source: Politiken.dk

Say goodbye to the dream of a white Christmas
The Christmas holiday begins with almost ten degrees. But the frost will arrive. During the Christmas days there will be a nice combination of sprinkle snow, a little sleet, some frost and slippery roads. So watch out.

Christmas Eve the weather will not get you into the Christmas spirit. You will wake up to a grey and rainy day with temperature about five-eight degrees. In other words you can forget about the white Christmas says the Danish Meteorological Institute. But the Danes are not completely cheated of snow in the Christmas week. Staying up till after midnight Christmas Eve, there will actually be an opportunity to watch the snow fall in some parts of the country.

Christmas Day December 25 on the other hand, the weather will behave and give you a nice Christmas setting with sun and possibly a bit snow and frost degrees.

Last time Denmark had a so called white Christmas, which means 90 per cent of the country have to be covered by a half inches of snow at 4. PM Christmas Eve, was according to the Danish Meteorological Institute in 2010.

Source: Politiken.dk