What’s going on at SPOT- Friday 2nd May

By Ellie Sellwood and Hannah Spyksma

This is the second article of a mini-series written by Ellie and Hannah, the co-ordinators of Jutland Station’s SPOT coverage. We tell you our suggestions of events to go to with or without a ticket at SPOT festival 2014.

After a very busy day of running around Aarhus and partying in different venues, we now have a feel for what SPOT festival 2014 is all about. Just make your way into town to the green area around the Musikhuset, Scandinavian Congress Centre and Aros to see the tents and stages which have popped up in the past few days. This is the free part of the festival so if you don’t have a ticket then come on down and join in the party, it’s a lovely day.


Photo courtesy of SPOT

If you don’t have a ticket…

These are our highlights.

1. You could go and take part in the Skammekrogen Interactive event, at Godsbanen from 16:00, you will have to book in advance though. Be aware also that the experience is unfortunately all in Danish. Our review of this event will be online later today.

2. Go and check out Nelson Can. We reviewed their performance at Headquarters last night and these girls just epitomise tough girl cool. They’re playing a Gaffa Library Session at the Gaffa venue at 15:00.

3. Go and watch Documentary- ‘Ride The Balance’ at Godsbanen, Katapult at 17:30, this is a film about gender equality in the Danish music industry with a Q & A session straight after. We’ll have a review up tomorrow. There’s also an opportunity to see Django Unchained at the same venue at 16:00.

4. If you fancy going to see some music all afternoon then head to the Royal Venue where Habadekuk, We Invented Paris, The Blue Van and The Sandmen will be playing in succession from 16:00 so grab a beer and rock out with the crowds. The Blue Van are a famous rock export of Denmark and are a definite must-see.

If you have a wristband… 

These are our highlights:

1. Go to Atlas, which is tucked behind Voxhall, get there from 22:00 to catch Hand of Dust, Communions, Lower and Iceage, this looks set to be an awesome line-up. SPOT says ‘don’t expect Iceage to care much if anything goes wrong during their concert. When the music grabs a hold of the band, everything else becomes secondary.’ So get ready to be carried away in a music frenzy.

2. We recommend going to the ‘Naked Fredag’ event on the Rytmisk Sal stage in the Musikhuset at 20:00. Reptile Youth opened the festival last night with a big rock n’ roll sound, today they are being stripped back to basics with an acoustic set.

3. Get down to the Foyer of the Musikhuset at 23:00 to see crazy German band- FUCK ART LET’S DANCE. SPOT describes their music as ‘upbeat indie pop’ and says ;they were triumphant at all the German summer festivals and have toured 24/7 ever since.’ It should be a good indie, rock party if you’re up for dancing. Expect to see lots of colourful knitwear and square framed glasses.

4. There’s a panel discussion taking place today at 14:30, in the Radisson Lokale 1 where you can meet Tarantino’s music adviser. This event is described as ‘a case-study of the music supervision process behind movies like “Kill Bill” I + II, “Pulp Fiction”, “Inglorius Basterds”, “Jackie Brown” & “Django Unchained” – told by the music supervisor behind the movies, Mary Ramos’. If you’re a Tarantino fan then this is definitely something you should go to.

Keep updated with our live blog as we tell you all about the highlights of the day as it unfolds. Also follow us on Twitter and Instagram- @jutlandstation, and use #jutspot. Most of all though, have fun at the festival!