What’s going on at SPOT- Thursday 1st May

By Ellie Sellwood and Hannah Spyksma

This is the first article of a mini-series written by Ellie and Hannah, the co-ordinators of Jutland Station’s SPOT coverage. We tell you our suggestions of events to go to with or without a ticket at SPOT festival 2014.

The festival kicks off today! We’ve been planning our coverage, in collaboration with the SPOT organisers for six weeks and now we’ve arrived at the first day of the festival! We are so excited and ready to give you the best possible English language coverage of the SPOT festival here in Aarhus. Whether you have a ticket or not, there is plenty to see and do across all four days.

In the next four days we’ll tell you when and where to catch an interactive panel discussion and inform yourself about entrepreneurship and the music industry, and/or how to seriously let loose in the mosh-pit of a previously unknown band. We’re going to be covering the festival from all angles, with reviews, previews, interviews, photo essays, a live blog and a big social media effort, in an effort to keep you up to date.

Today is the first day of the festival and there are four main events taking place.

If you don’t have a ticket….

Make your way to the Foyer at Godsbanen where an event called ‘Skammekrogen’ or ‘the dog house’ is taking place between 10.45 and 18.15. This is a critically acclaimed interactive event which is funded by the Danish Film Institute.

You’ll be greeted by a dining table and chairs placed in the middle of a white room. The table is set for five and on each plate lies a pair of special glasses and headphones. You sit down, put on the glasses and headphones, and instantly a film opens and you are a part of it.

The short film puts you in someone else’s shoes with the help of Occulus Rift, a facial mask which was originally designed for computer games, but makes the wearer feel as if they are part of the action on screen .

‘Skammekrogen’ is the story of a ‘hygge’ family dinner told through five different perspectives- mum, dad, little brother, big brother and his new girlfriend. It is recorded from five different points of view using two GoPro camera with 180 degree fisheye lenses. Five visitors will then be able to follow the story from their chosen perspective and follow their character around the dinner table and the house. The experience is supposed to be unique as each person plays both an active and passive role, they have no influence on the film’s action but have to witness it all first hand through their character. The whole experience lasts 20 minutes.

Check out more here.

If you don’t catch it today, then there is an opportunity to see it again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also on Saturday afternoon you can meet Johan Knattrup Jensen and Producer Mads Damsbo, who will talk to Matthias Poulsen from Play Consulting.

The SPOT Interactive Conference- Godsbanen

This event is held in collaboration with ‘Internet Week’ which has been going on all week here in Aarhus. Hannah and Sarah will be at the conference all day sending out social media updates and writing a live blog so make sure you keep checking the website to see what they get up to. The theme for the day is ‘how do you design and develop interactive media experiences that reach new audiences and create new branding opportunities with new ways of earning money in mind?’

The event begins at 9.30am and there will be seminars all day aimed at ‘digital content creators, people within advertising, communication and marketing, brand managers, innovation managers, developers and everybody interested in how you design and develop interactive media experiences and reach new audiences.’ Check out more here.

This event requires a different ticket to the rest of the SPOT festival though, so unless you have already got your ticket this event is mainly for industry professionals. However, there will be interactive seminars and events held in different venues over the weekend, discussing, among other things entrepreneurship, monetizing music and streaming, so make sure you check out the SPOT program to see when these are.

Regardless, be sure to check in to Jutland Station on Friday morning to see Hannah and Sarah’s article about the conference. They’ll give you all the information you need to get a feel for where the music industry, and in particular Danish and Scandinavian music, is heading over the next year. We think it’s got something to to do with a collision between music, film, and performance art!

Opening Ceremony- Train

Openingevent 1200x800_medium

For those with wristbands- make sure you get down to the first party of the weekend. SPOT festival, ROSA (The Danish Rock Council) and Nordic Playlist will host the festival’s opening party at Train from 20.00. There are performances from Reptile Youth, Ashiba and De Dødelige before a DJ set by Kasper Bjørke and Finish Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Make sure you get there early for refreshments and grab one of the few seats.

This is the program:
Welcome speech by Gunnar Madsen
De Dødelige
Reptile Youth
+ DJ-set: Kasper Bjørke and Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FIN) present a Nordic Playlist

How to find it: Train, Toldbodgade 6, 8000 Århus C.

Finally, if you fancy partying later into the night…

Get down to Headquarters for the Nelson Can Release Fest with Sound of Aarhus, doors open at 19.00 and the party continues until 03.00. This event is free with a SPOT wristband, or 40kr without, so you can take your friends along. The band ‘Nelson Can’ released their second EP on Monday this week.

Nelson Can: Attack

This is the line-up:
20:00 The Gang OK
21:00 Nicolai Von Pein
22:00 Lydmor
23:00 Nelson Can
00:00 Cille Veje (DJ)

Find out more here.

How to find HQ: HeadQuarters, Valdemarsgade 1, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark