2097: Your future city makes call for actors

An Aarhus 2017 commission with Hull, UK City of Culture 2017, has made a casting call for actors in their 50s to star in futuristic sci-fi movie, ‘2097: WE MADE OURSELVES OVER’.

by Ella Navarro, feature photo by Blast Theory

Part of this year of culture, the cities of Hull (UK) and Aarhus are working together on ‘2097: WE MADE OURSELVES OVER’. The interactive project, wich has been going on for a year now, is under the hands of internationally acclaimed artist group, Blast Theory.

The project is an invitation for people to re-imagine their communities 80 years from now. How will they look? Where do we want our communities to go? The research started last autumn with interviews with experts on subjects like climate change, technology, community and economics in order to see the opportunities and challenges the future can hold for each of the selected cities.

The whole idea behind it is “to create a diverse set of eye-level perspectives on the future, set against a common fate in a single imaginary city. We will frame the present within a longer historical cycle of economic decay and renewal; postulating a lifetime of changes that will transform the city in the coming century, reflecting on loss and our sense of history and purpose in the face of the unknown.”

Earlier this year, Blast Theory invited people to send pictures of places in Aarhus and Hull where they thought it could be ideal to shoot the film. “The city is full of unusual nooks that could be brilliant locations for a film. We’d love people to send us photos of odd corners of the city that we wouldn’t have spotted otherwise. It doesn’t have to be futuristic. It could be an unsung landmark or somewhere that they pass every day,” said Nick Tandavanitj from Blast Theory.

They have received lots of feedback from the people of Aarhus, and now they are onto something else. At the moment, Blast Theory is working with Bridge Way Films, a BAFTA award-winning production company. Together they are looking for one male and one female actor in their late 50s to take part in the film-making in Hull and Aarhus during the months of June and July 2017.  They will begin shooting at locations around the city during the summer, working together with a visual effects team to create the science fiction world that will transport us into the future.

The film will be completed in October with a worldwide screening online on smartphones, but also at a secret location in Aarhus yet to be revealed. Tickets will go on sale soon, so stay tuned!

If you are in Aarhus and you know any interested candidates for the acting roles, you should register by emailing gizmo@caster.com before May 22nd with their name, age, address and a recent photograph. Auditions will take place in Aarhus on May 24th. For further information, visit the website here.

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