Aarhus City Welcome 2019


By Kirsten Vestergaard Lauridsen, City of Aarhus, photos by Per Ryolf, City of Aarhus

Once again, this September, the City of Aarhus invites all internationals to the annual Aarhus City Welcome, offering you a cocktail of inspiration on how to make the most of your city.

This year’s event

Mark your calendar on September 27th between 15.30 and 18.00 for a special afternoon in the beautiful surroundings of Dokk1!  Here, you can connect with a wide range of sports- and leisure clubs, network organizations, volunteering opportunities, job facilitators, culture houses and more – we have something for everyone.

Whether you are completely new in town or have lived in the city of smiles for years, the Aarhus City Welcome is about being inspired and getting yourself involved in your city. This is, in fact, one big act of co-creation involving around 40 different actors who each contribute in various ways to the special vibe of this event.

Participants at Aarhus City Welcome are invited to get a taste of delicious food (photo: Per Ryolf)

Grab a plate of delicious food and take a walk around the fair ‘the Information Bazar’. Here, you are inspired to: join a club or a community, figure out how to improve your Danish skills, know where to go for your next cultural experience or you can meet a job facilitator who will guide you in the ways of the Danish labor market – and much more. Or why not get physical while getting familiar with the techniques of lacrosse, quidditch, kin-ball or tango at the Experience Space? Or if you’re feeling creative – go join the workshop at Creative Space.

Children of all ages are invited to explore a universe of games and stories from the inside of old suitcases – provided by international students of pedagogy – and to explore the amazing Children’s Library of Dokk1.

Visitors of Aarhus City Welcome leaving Dokk1 for an interactive city tour (photo: Per Ryolf)

And to give us a laugh, we have invited one of the best Danish comedians, Simon Talbot, who will be performing in English. Simon has toured the US and is a real genius at dissecting Danish culture and the Danish way of life.

Also, as the afternoon turns to evening, you are invited to join an interactive tour around town solving clues about some of the iconic places in Aarhus.

A warm welcome to Aarhus

76 different nationalities joined the Aarhus City Welcome in 2018. The event is therefore also an opportunity for Mayor of Culture and Citizen Services, Mr. Rabih Azad-Ahmad, to acknowledge, on behalf of the city, the increasing number of expats and students coming to Aarhus from around the globe.

It is also a warm welcome to the many newcomers, who have chosen Aarhus to be their new home during the past year.

The event celebrates and is an acknowledgement of the diversity, knowledge and skills on all levels, that internationals in Aarhus bring along enriching the city and its communities.

As Aarhus becomes home to more and more internationals, it is ever more crucial that the City, and collaborative partners, facilitate a variety of ways in which you can find social networks and friends, explore the diverse opportunities that the city has to offer and help you settle in. Evaluations each year have showed that the Aarhus City Welcome is considered highly relevant in doing exactly that by internationals attending the event.

The Aarhus City Welcome is one of many outcomes from the City’s International Strategy for Growth in Aarhus involving several actors from both the public and private sector and civil society. And, in the years to come, Aarhus will be focusing even more on boosting the attraction, reception and retention of internationals.

Find information on this year´s Aarhus City Welcome, and sign up for the event at: www.newcitizen.dk/acw

You can also follow Aarhus City Welcome on Facebook and on Instagram: aarhus_city_welcome – #aarhuscitywelcome

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