Aarhus on the map: From beers to burgers


by Lydia Weber, map by Malika Baiazova and Livio Marc Stöckli

Arriving in a new city can be daunting, especially if you don’t speak the local language or have many contacts. Simple questions you know the answer to in your hometown seem unanswerable, and a lack of new acquaintances can leave you with few sources to use.

This is where Jutland Station’s Aarhus maps come in: here we share with you everything you need to get settled into the city, on three easy-to-use interactive maps. From where to exchange currency and find free furniture and accessible transport links, to where to buy the best fruit and veg, explore exciting museums, visit trendy bars and restaurants or even take a bike-ride at the weekend.

Aarhus has tons of great restaurants, cafés and bars. But the prices are not always budget friendly, especially if you are new to the city or just here for a short visit – it can be hard to find your way and pick the best places. Our second map in the Aarhus Maps series has plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds, and below you can read more about some of our top picks.

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La Cabra Café
The coffee is indeed sensational here. The team at La Cabra carefully selects the coffee on offer and has a sustainable selection of farmers they work with. Besides, La Cabra offers different brewery styles for every taste. Take your time, enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of lemon cake and listen to the music from the record player or read a book here. It’s the perfect place to take a rest! Be warned: the café can be packed on the weekends.

Haute Friture
This small takeaway brings a touch of France to Aarhus. The interior is not glamorous, but the menu is. Huge sandwiches and hot dogs interpreted in a modern Scandinavian Style are accompanied by an even bigger portion of amazing french fries. Go there hungry; it pays off!

Aarhus Street Food
Not sure what to have for lunch/dinner? Stop by Aarhus Street Food, which offers a wide variety of choices: from Mexican to Thai, but also Scandinavian Kitchen. There is sweet stuff, healthy food or full scale meals on offer – everything you need for a great break. Besides, new kitchens are opening from time to time, which means you might explore something new every time you come back.

Café Smagløs
Is it really a café, or more of a bar? Whatever the occasion, 
Café Smagløs is the place to be. The evening events attract a good crowd; if you are a fan of tequila the Tequila Night might be just the night for you. Or if you are into jazz music, check out the Jazzy Aarhus Jam Sessions, where you can just meet up with friends and enjoy the music, or even jam with other musicians for a while. If you want to send a letter to your beloved ones at home for free, the Post a Letter event takes place every month at Café Smagløs, complete with free cards and stamps.

If you are looking for an authentic bar, you should stop by Vinstuen. The beer is reasonable, the music is loud, and it’s smoky inside, but it is also full of Danes. A good place to spend an evening and make some local friends.

This is the second map in Jutland Station’s Aarhus maps series. Tell us your ideas for new maps, or if you know of a great place we have left out of the published ones! You can see our first map, ‘From registration to healthcare’, here. Keep a lookout from our third map, ‘From wildlife to museums’, coming soon.

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