Climate Planet: Rethinking climate change by Aarhus harbour

Summer has finally arrived and as temperatures keep soaring all around Europe, climate change and its environmental effects are once again a hot topic of discussion – and the place to go for it is Climate Planet.

by Louise Soares, photos by Giang Pham

Located at Aarhus’ Havnepladsen, Climate Planet is the world’s largest globe at a diameter of 24 metres. Inside the giant planet-Earth style technological installation is a smaller globe, upon which real-time, NASA-generated satellite images from Earth are shown to guests. A 40-minute documentary showcasing the evolution of climate change and its environmental effects throughout the centuries is also presented at scheduled intervals. By combining environmental education with entertainment, Climate Planet aims to encourage its visitors to rethink their attitudes towards sustainability and environmental protection.

2017 Jun 1 - Climate Planet-1

Climate Planet is the largest globe in the world

Climate Planet was developed as part of Aarhus’ year as European Capital of Culture, in a joint effort between Aarhus Kommune, local companies Koncept Aarhus and Go Green with Aarhus, and international organisations including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Global Citizen community.

“We are on to something very interesting with this project, especially regarding education and communication. In a way, we are still cavemen who need ‘cave paintings’ that we can visually relate to. We need things to be specific and tangible for them to be engaging. This is exactly what we achieve with Climate Planet. We only have one planet Earth, which we share with seven billion other global citizens. At this point, it’s all about finding solutions to spread the word,” says director Søren Lundby, from Global Citizen.

One of Climate Planet’s goals it to encourage visitors to rethink the impact of their daily actions on the environment. Partner company Go Green with Aarhus wants to point citizens in the right direction with their map of the city’s sustainable businesses.

“Basically, it’s very simple: follow the map and you can push the development the way we need. This means if you want to eat a burger, you can check the restaurant on the map, and you’ll know if it works with organic food or maybe if it takes some type of social responsibility,” says Søren Stockholm from Go Green with Aarhus.

2017 Jun 1 - Climate Planet-5

Søren Stockholm, from Go Green with Aarhus, presents the Aarhus green map

Climate Planet will be open to the general public from June 24th to August 6th 2017. Afterwards, the installation will tour around Europe. The goal is to visit 25 cities before the end of 2020, raising around 25 million DKK of revenue to be invested in future climate and citizen projects to be developed through their partners and to spread the message that, when it comes to climate change, the time for action is now.

To find out more about Climate Planet, visit the website here, or check out our video below (video by Louise Soares):

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