Dawn Ride @ Aarhus 2017 launch


Photos by Giang Pham

January 21st 2017 will certainly be a day to remember. It will be a day marked in the history of Aarhus, as the day that the city’s year as European Capital of Culture 2017 started. But before the official opening in the evening, some early risers kicked off their day at Filmbyen at 07:30 to participate in the Dawn Ride, cycling eight kilometres across the city together.

It was still dark when the cycle began, but energy and excitement was in the air. Mostly Danes, but also some internationals, decorated their bikes with lights, balloons and all sort of garments. Cycling is a real part of Danish culture, and joining the ride was part of what it is to be Danish. An unforgettable experience that will be cherished in the memory of those who took part.

Re-live some of the best moments captured by photographer Giang Pham.

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-25

IMG_2871 (1)

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-20

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-12

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-9

Some of the little ones were carried…

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-7

…whilst others took the the plunge!

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-4

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-15

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-13

Along the ride, musicians greeted the cyclists with opera singing, some classical instrumental music and a bit of rock on the guitar.

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-3

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-19 2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-11 2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-14

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-21

After all that cycling, it was time for coffee, buns…

...and some viking LOVE.

…and some viking LOVE.

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-23

At the end of the ride a few lucky ones received prizes, including best Best Decoration.

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-22

The winner for Best Decoration was the reindeer!

2017 Jan 21 - Dawn Ride-26

Dawn Ride was live on Facebook during the event on January 21st, 2017. If you want to check it out, stop by their Facebook Page. To find out more about Aarhus’ year as European Capital of Culture 2017, visit the official website. You can read about the launch of the official Aarhus 2017 programme here.

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