Explore Aarhus’ nature @ Egå Engsø

Words and photos by Clara Strunge

Though Aarhus is a big city with many people to fill the many shops, cafés, apartments, and so on, it is also a beautiful green city, filled with opportunities to see and experience nature. If you aren’t too afraid of exercising, the only thing you need to do is to mount your steal stallion and start pedalling.


A little way outside the centre of Aarhus you’ll find Egå Engsø. This is in fact an artificially made lake, and the idea behind it came from the city’s ambition to maintain and strengthen its nature values and biological diversity.


The area was once an inlet, but as the ground began to resemble a swamp-like state, farmers started to work the soil and use the land for growing crops. The former good conditions for plants and animals were gone.


In 1998, however, a new law was passed to make sure that the amount of carbon in the water was reduced and lakes and damp meadows were thus recreated.


Today, it’s considered one of the biggest projects of East Jutland, where about 188 different species of birds have been observed since 2015. Bird enthusiasts are in for a treat in Egå Engsø, but also anyone who appreciates nature.


There are paths for biking, rollerblading, walking or jogging to experience the whole nature reserve. Go by the south path and climb the tower. It’s a perfect spot a view of the whole of Egå Engsø, and maybe see some birds.


And if you are up to it, you can even book a night in reserve and sleep in one of the shelters among the birds and the trees.



For more information about Egå Ensø, visit this website. A brochure about the reserve is also available online from Aarhus commune; you can find it here (in Danish).

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