Putting more heart into growing your business

Studentervæksthus Aarhus hosted a session with the founder of HeartWise Consulting, a company that helps entrepreneurs develop their businesses in connection to their personal lives and fulfilment.

by Louise Soares

Balancing personal motivation with professional ambition can be a daunting task for many wannabee entrepreneurs. Sometimes, business success comes at the cost of personal aspirations. But it can also go the other way around, with an entrepreneur’s personal matters interfering in the functioning of a business.

It was with this dilemma in mind that Cédric Gorinas created consulting company HeartWise. Merging business ideas with personal growth modalities like yoga, mindfulness and psychological well-being, HeartWise aims to help entrepreneurs identify their personal motivations and apply them to their businesses.

“When we start a business, we are aware of our skills and things that we are really good at, like public speaking, business acumen or special patterns. But really, what makes the strengths of your business is what’s really unique about you. It’s about making a link between business-related things that we can solve, and more personal things, and how we can outgrow them, or grow from them,” Gorinas explains.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business students gathered early at Studentervaeskhus Aarhus to hear about Heartwise Consulting's experience

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business students gathered early at Studentervaeskhus Aarhus to hear about Heartwise Consulting’s experience (photo: Louise Soares)

Breaking down barriers
French-born Gorinas studied for his master’s degree at Aarhus University and returned to the city for a talk with business students and young entrepreneurs at Studentervaeskhus Aarhus. During his talk the entrepreneur asked his guests to focus on their own personal blocks and how to overcome them. It can be a professional matter, like the need to increase networking with peers, or even a personal matter, such as finding motivation to kick-start your own business. Sometimes it can be both at once, as Gorinas recalls from the case of a client who wanted to start a lifestyle blog and went to HeartWise for guidance.

“She had to find a way to share herself on her blog and find out what she really wanted to share with the world. She made the blog personal so it could talk to people’s hearts, touching some people who felt that she had the solution they were looking for. We are all human and we all have feelings and emotions and personal triggers, and some of it has to be out of the picture,” tells Gorinas.

The atendee's had the opportunity to discuss their personal and professional blocks with each other (Photo: Louise Soares)

Attendees had the opportunity to discuss personal and professional blocks with one another (photo: Louise Soares)

Knowing your boundaries
Entwining personal aspiration with professional ambition is not an entirely risk-free operation. How do you keep on going if your career plans and life dreams go in the wrong direction? For Gorinas, the key is knowing your limits and attaining to your personal values.

“Entrepreneurs are the most stressed workers. There is so much to deal with: You have to earn your own income and it takes time. You don’t always have the support you need in the beginning. It’s really about owning that and respecting yourself, so that you can resource yourself in hard times,” he concludes.

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For more information on HeartWise Consulting, visit their website.

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