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Dear readers,

This autumn, Jutland Station celebrates five years of existence. While this might not seem much, for a local magazine such as this it means a great success, especially given the unpredictability of the media industry. We owe it to you, our readers who constantly supported and encouraged our work.

Last year was a very busy one for us as we took on the challenge of making Jutland Station a stronger blend of reporting and commentary. We focused more on writing about issues related to current affairs, citizens and society. Local elections, new tax law, gender equality and the #metoo movement are just a few examples of the topics we covered. Also, while interested in providing quality content, we tried not to lose sight of the fact that Jutland Station is part of the Aarhus community so we decided to become more engaged in the life of the city. We attended the opening of Aarhus European Capital of Volunteering and we continued our traditional partnership with SPOT Festival.

We will keep on pushing forward. We aim to build bridges between the international and the Danish citizens by bringing to front the various communities living in Aarhus and Jutland area. And while we want to be consistent in our editorial style, we are also keen to innovate with various formats. Therefore, we revitalized The Danish column and we gave it a new twist, from a review of the Danish press to a satirical news commentary column.

We prepare for an equally eventful 2019. The citizens of the European Union are called to cast their vote in the EU Parliamentary elections and Jutland Station is planning an extensive coverage about the relevance if this occasion for the Jutland region. We are also looking forward to another stage of our long-time cooperation with SPOT/ROSA for another exciting music festival and we will bring you the latest in digital and tech developments from Internet Week Denmark. And this is just a sneak preview of a schedule that is already very busy.

As every year, we encourage anyone who has a story to tell to contact us. Because you, our readers, our partners, are making this journey possible.

Madalina Paxaman

Editor in chief

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