Letter from the editors


By Bettina Andersen, Project Manager and Madalina Paxaman, Editor in Chief

A new beginning at Jutland Station

It all started with an idea.

In 2013, Associate Professor Henrik Bødker and students at the Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme ‘Journalism, Media and Globalization’ at Aarhus University imagined an online publication dedicated to the internationals living in Aarhus. Such magazine would put the city in an international perspective, establish a place where journalists could experiment with formats, genres, and construct a space for creativity.

And so Jutland Station was born.

Now, four years later, a new, energetic, culturally diverse, international team of editors is ready to take on the challenge of making Jutland Station a stronger blend of reporting and commentary. And like Aarhus itself, we also aim to explore a world of possibilities. We aim to grow.

We intend to use online storytelling, photography, audio and video reporting for encouraging the intercultural conversations between the many communities living in Aarhus and in the Jutland region. Through the topics covered, Jutland Station aspires to help the internationals understand the current affairs in Denmark generally and in the Aarhus region specifically and also to offer Danes an insightful perspective on the life of both Danes and foreigners residing in the region. In a world that is changing fast, we want to build bridges that will lead to inclusiveness and mutual understanding. Moreover, we hope that this magazine will soon become a safe space for all interested in sharing their experiences and perspectives about living in this vibrant city.

We want to give a voice to the community, so we encourage everyone with a story to tell to contact us.

We hope you will join us on this journey!

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