Nik & Jay make surprise appearance alongside Gulddreng at SPOT Festival


Hip-pop/R&B duo Nik & Jay performed stripped down versions of some of their biggest hits at ‘Naked’, a concert that paired artists from a variety of genres with Swedish pianist Guastaf Ljunggren.

video by Shivé Prema, feature photo: Gulddreng, by Laura Urbonavičiūtė

Not on the set list, the unexpecting crowd roared with applause as the rapper-singers strutted onto the stage at what was supposed to be the end of the concert. The duo performed two of their newest songs, ‘Skytsengel’ and ‘Hele Vejen’ as well as one their old hits, ‘Kommer Igen’.

Not to be upstaged, the four previous non-surprise acts all played to their strengths. Katinka is the lead singer of the rock-pop quartet of the same name. Her exceptional vocals shined against the piano accompaniment.

Danish popstar Gulddreng (which translates to ‘Golden boy’) rocked up in his signature sunglasses and began his set with a “Skål!”, cracking open a beer to cheers the audience. He ended with club banger ‘Model’, which was accompanied by piano and almost sounded like a love song despite the obscenely sexual references to himself. “Vil du med på hotel?”, he sang to an audience member.


Sebastian Wolff performs with only a piano at SPOT’s ‘Naked’ event

Lead singer of Danish hard-rock band Kellermensch, Sebastian Wolff switched things up into English and spent a lot of his performance kneeling on the stage and rocking back and forth. At times it looked like he was literally singing his heart out as he grabbed his chest and fiercely delivered lines such as, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from you girl, it’s how much a heart can weigh.”

Up-and-coming ANYA already has a few singles under her belt, and confidently commanded the attention of the hall. Continuing the English theme, she performed several silky smooth pop R&B tracks including ‘Doorstep’, which was noticeably toned down with the piano accompaniment. Her new single ‘Wasted Love’ was the perfect way to finish her set.

Of course, the surprise performance at the end by Nik & Jay was the icing on top of a very substantial cake for concert-goers.

Watch our compilation from SPOT Festival’s ‘Naked – A Singer and a Piano’ here:

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