Northside 2017: Friday highlights


Northside got the show going at Aarhus yesterday, with thousands turning out to the city’s biggest festival of the year despite the rain.

by Jutland Station, feature photo by Giang Pham

This year’s Northside festival began in a slurry of mud, as the rain poured relentlessly for the majority of the day and night. But this didn’t stop the revellers, who came out in their thousands for the first day of the three-day festival. Ponchos and rain boots were adorned, and although we were dampened by the rain our spirits certainly weren’t.

Feeling beautiful under the rain
The afternoon for us started with American hip-hop band Run The Jewels and some organic beer; yes, even the beer at Northside is 100% organic, and we are loving Tuborg’s RÅ. Rapper/producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike joked about the UK election, giving the audience some humour while they grooved to their songs. And they made us forget about the rain. “If you see someone beautiful, stop them and just tell them! We are in the City of Smiles people. Smile, who gives a f*** about the rain,” were some of the phrases of the two showmen, who kept the audience in high spirits.

Then we headed up to see Tina Dickow, who we both agree rings of a Danish Shania Twain. You don’t impress me much? Well Dickow did impress us much – more like wowed. We love her folk-indie style, and she truly felt the songs in every inch of her body. She played some from her new album ‘Count to Ten’, and some old tunes well-known by the Danish audience, singing to the top of their lungs. Singing while intermittently playing the saxophone, her awe-inspiring skills stole the hearts of the crowd.

100-Tina Dickow- All Copyrights Magnus Hyltoft©

Tina Dickow feeling the music on the Blue Stage (photo: Magnus Hyltoft)

Next on the Green Stage, Bastille made us wait for their most well-known song, ‘Pompeii’, but the wait was worth it! We closed our eyes under the rain and felt like nothing had changed at all… Those little maniacs made us wonder, “What’s gonna be left of the world if you are not in it?” with ‘Good Grief’, and reminded us that going out with your friends and getting wild in the mud is sometimes a needed distraction from reality. They not only made us reflect; we danced like mad to the rhythm ‘Of the night’, a song that never gets old; “you feel it in the air.”

MØ blew our minds!
If one thing is certain: MØ stole the show on Friday night. She had the audience leaping to well-known tunes ‘Nights With You’ and ‘Kamikaze’, delighting the crowd with not one but two encores and rounding up with red confetti in the sky. It was a show to remember, and MØ truly knows how to take over the stage and keep the audience screaming for more.

MØ - All Copyrights Magnus Hyltoft©-101

MØ blew us away in an incredible show on the Blue Stage (photo: Magnus Hyltoft)

By that time the Green stage for Frank Ocean was packed, and filled with mud (we predicted it!). It was difficult to get in the crowd, but we were lucky to listen to one of our favourite songs: ‘Chanel’. The appearance at Northside was highly anticipated, being Ocean’s first solo performance since 2014. His last shows had been cancelled for productions delays, so it was almost a miracle he landed in Danish territory. The concert started off with ‘Pretty Sweet’, followed by a great performance of ‘Solo’ and other tunes such as ‘Biking’. He closed up with ‘Nikes’ from his latest album ‘Blonde’, which was maybe not the crowd-pleaser he had hoped for.

Today we are down to see Tom Odell, Phlake, CHINAH and plenty more, and maybe try more of those organic delicacies. We’ll keep you posted on social media, so stay tuned!

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